Sunday, October 15, 2006

Words so beautiful....

Across the treeless street
A moist breeze blows.
I re-arrange my sheet,
Wiggle my cold toes,
Stare at the sky, and toss,
Insomniac. A train
Screams through wide plains across
The scent of desert rain.

I am too tired tonight
To sleep. I lie
Companionless. The white
Clouds gut the sky.
Orion, Pleiads, Plough,
All signs and certainities
Are lost to vision now.
The willow trees

That name the town are gone.
The freight- trains go.
The loaded trucks move on.
This is the great depot
Where nothing stays.
The hours move towards light.
Sleep: in the tall-skied days
You will forget tonight.

Pgs 46-47 From Heaven Lake-
Tales through Sinkiang and Tibet- Vikram Seth


Akshay said...

NIce words indeed.. Do you watch Seinfeld?

Akshay said...

yea Kramer was awesome.. at one point I was seriously thinking of getting his poster in my bedroom.. though it would have been very weird ;)