Sunday, October 08, 2006

One last one that I have been desperately trying to showcase...

Hope this one comes through...tis this amazing story abt big boobs leading to paradise..

Every weeknight millions of Colombians tune in to watch a smash television series about the indignities suffered by a teen-age girl willing to do anything to get her breasts enlarged.

Tired of being poor and going to school with no good jobs in sight after graduation, Catalina decides to do what her friends have done and get breast implants in order to snag a gangster boyfriend who can take care of her.

She tries to prostitute herself to get money for the operation but, in a kind of Colombian Catch 22, has trouble winning clients due to her small cup size.

The show, based on a true story, is both loved and hated for displaying the culture of easy money here in the world's biggest cocaine-exporting country.

Convinced that an overflowing bosom will be her "passport to heaven," Catalina continues her quest, which instead leads to episode after episode of treachery and violence.

Some call the series an insult to Colombia, which is trying to end four decades of guerrilla war driven by the drug trade. Others, who enjoy the show's black humor, say it is helping the country confront its demons.

Gangsters, called "traquetos" after the "traqua traqua traqua"-like sound made by their automatic weapons, are known to send their girlfriends for all kinds of aesthetic surgery.

Younger and younger women are getting operated on in the hope of landing a traqueto of their own.

Wot an exciting story no....I was dumbstruck and awestruck and simply amazed by people..tis madness

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