Sunday, October 08, 2006

I am sick of the word musings..suggest another alternative quik!

Today was a highly aggravating day and I was very very annoyed. Baashturd KC types..I had gone fr class and thought wtf, let's pick long overdue cheque...fuck man, 1 hr I waited and they could not find it, I called HOD and he said de diya and the Registrar (who I always thought was betch types) searched and searched but fuck man, my cheque is ghoomofied. So they said they would call and let me know but that ain't going to I am going to sit on their ass next week to figure out scene..

Then went to parlour and well, got more aggravated without any details being given..but tht has been since resolved and hallelujah to that..I went shopping as well. Benetton has opened shop and bought myself a black shirt, nice eet am going fr a long drive hopefully..let's see where it takes me :)

My mood for today veered between 6 degrees of turbulence to being mildly happy generally especially as I ate masala pav after a very very long time..still salivating thinking about it man...:)

They are an interesting group btw..cute boy from work loves them...some of their songs r good stuff, can't rem wot they r now..Another Day is one I think..and some other stuff..

Ok, I be gng now...I be putting some other stuff in another post where you can do lotsa reading from hazaar different URL's!! Wheee..I am an Internet junkie now btw as RG would say....:)

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