Monday, June 25, 2007

My weekend

Sometimes we live life by the fly, sometimes we plan. I had planned my weekend which most certainly didn't turn out to be as I expected for sure. Dad in hospital because of a multiple fracture on Fri nite..To get an ambulance so he could be taken to the clinic took me 3 tries. Goddamn painful it was and my sistah made the profound remark that people could die in those seconds. So true.

I rode that ambulance and now I know what it feels like to be inside one of those things as u try desperately to make sure yur loved one reaches the hospital. I felt that sense of urgency even though logically I knew there was no urgency. I mean, the traffic would not move at all, even with the ambulance making all those noises etcetc. Tres terrible.

Anyways spent the nite at the hospital. When Dad went in the previous times, I was too young to comprehend the significance of what it meant. So many things I thought about. The life ward boys lead cleaning pee and poo, helping patients, the nurse who comes from Keralanad, works in Andhra and has been in Mumbai for 2 weeks and speaks in Malayalam, people whose lives r being spent in hospitals, relatives - worried, caring, and of course the ever present spectre of money - how much have we spent, how much are we going to need...

As I waited with Mom for Dad to get out of the OT, people from inside kept asking for relatives of a small gurl. She had a heart problem and the people who had come with her were from outstation and looked poor to my city eyes (Like that phrase Sheece!) Anyways, the relief once the doc came out and said the gurl was ok was palpable. She had a heart problem and when they wheeled her out, felt so sad - so much suffering in this world. Sucks ass!

Anyways Dad is good, in ICU rt now for observational purposes. Mom is home and I am in the hospital room looking at a rain soaked city enjoying a respite. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sex n technology

Exciting combo innit? Found this article and actually makes very interesting reading how people use sex in such myriad ways :D

Nostalgia beckons..

Read this 'You leave a part of you behind and spend the rest of your life looking for your lost self.' on here

The What If Moments in life

These are the moments where that choice gets made between life and death, sex and happiness and other related things. I think they make life rather exciting and fun to live as well. Its that moment when u stop and think what if. P.s: hate what if moments when parents start btw! :D Anyways, these happen all the time I think and its rather fantastic to think that life would actually move differently if I chose one thing over another. These moments are 'delicious', 'tantalizing' and fuck if your imagination works, well another alternate planet of possibilities opens up.

I also wanted to use that set of words to describe things. But the alternate world of course has its own set of problems but those are all problems of the imagination so fuck that! I think in a day one should have a quota of infinite possibiliies to imagine and then deal with reality after that. Makes life a lil bit easier I would reckon. I am not propagating escapism but just a different set of rules allowing one to explore life's choices.

Think about it the next time you are having a what if moment..and allow yourself to make the choice from somewhere inside – against cool logic perhaps but it might end up giving you a momentary/permanent satisfaction that you never knew existed.

My weekend

Someone complained tht I hadn't written about my weekend. I didn't know my weekend was so looked forward to :P Anyways, last week was shitty man..fell sick and felt like I had died or something (I so love exaggerating!) Anyways, family did pampering..managed one day of office and at the EOD I felt like someone who had run deux marathons. So pooped I was and honestly just scraped thru the day. Anyways took day well by Sat morning..and was the beginning of a long weekend.

Watched Paris Je T'Aime and Pan's Labyrinth. Phatte movies both of them. Paris Je T'Aime was a gorgeous movie (wrong use of adjective but dont care)..loved all the stories even the weird and wonderful Ms Lin story...:D Pan's Labyrinth was an unusual story and I can see why it won the Oscar. Its certainly a different level of thinking and you should read more abt it here or even better catch hold of the DVD or something.

Saturday went to enroll for salsa class. Paid money and of course decided we were going for dinner. Fuck, those Golden Wok guys gave us a table near the loo – I refuse to sit in a restaurant near the loo, thoda weird hai apart from all the bacteria floating around. So left and went to original choice – CL. Haven't been there in ages and had a wonderful time in fact with Chembur ki Rani and Shere-e-Chembur. Had a freaking awesome time. :D Did dancing and totally had a blast. We blocked people's views of the screen..fucking people come to pubs to watch games where clearly there is dancing shit good phun it was! Bloddy Rani and Sher watched golf- basthurds the pair of them! I was like fuckers, u can't come to pub and watch Tiger Woods playing..yeh ho naheen sakta!

Sunday- Probability in the morning (which I love btw!!) As I told Boy, wot eet ees yaar..some maths dude decides let's measure the degree of uncertainity that we feel about that ball red or blue amongst those 25 balls etcec...awesome eet ees..mujhe pyaar ho gaya hai.. :D Dee's place for lunch – chicken and a couple of shandies..oh whiskey sour it was at CL (Loveee eeet!!) and yes had a v v nice time..thank u darling for that...:)

At her place, got a text from a v close friend from Norway – Renate. She held my hand in Ncl and generally was my mother there :D (Funny I always manage to find mothers fr myself in places but that is a different post and story!!) Anyways, she is going to be a mommy this Sept and I am going to be 'cool, nice aunt' – her words not mine. I am sooo happy and I actually called her and spoke to her yest. Man, after 2 years I heard her voice and she sounded so happy and giggly – her usual self basically. Man, I miss her totally. Its been 3 yrs since I saw her and felt so good talking to her and knowing she is going to be a Mom. :)

Day ended with more Math and well knowledge that it was back to work again which was actually not bad. :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

A day without Google

Is this possible? This dude here thinks its possible...think about it!

Climate change threat to 5 historic Indian sites

I posted this and next morning found an article about the exact same wierd/coincidental etcetc... pls be reading more abt it here

My weekend

I had a good n introspective weekend. Sat, went shopping for trax for salsa class which never happened. Tres triste it was! :( It apparently is starting next week if u really mad and was v v disappointed abt tht! But on the flipside, own a pair of Puma trax which I love..the Puma sign is in told sistah who has similar one that my Puma was better than her white one!! :)

Got a call at 3. Ended up going to HRC fr Channel [V]'s Launchpad gigs. Bronzoe's friend Rohan plays for this band called Human Abstract. They sang a damn cool version of Joanna (which Luke Kenny dissed!) and the lead vocalist was good too. Went further into town - Haji Ali - after that to a place called The Ghetto - nice artwork on the walls and relaxed atmosphere there. Went furtherer to Pollys for dancing...wheee...nice it was.....v v v nice indeed..after a long time and music hasn't changed although it was packed to the gills.

Hungry after that so went wandering in search of food. Bade Miyan I think has opened up a Sumo near the HDFC ATM around the corner. That sounds weird but basically he shuts shop at 1.00 am. He then opens out this Sumo thing and keeps it on and for sure the cops know abt it. Prices are atrocious like 60 bucks for a chiken roll and shit but well if u r hungry u want and u shall canshume!

Took cab in early hrs of the morng...Mom killed me on Sunday morning as I awoke like queen :) Usual shit and I think I needed that kick on my arse. Been neglecting my padhaai, so caught up with that big time. Padhaai kiya kal khoop sara...accha laga..gave a couple of tests..bad scores in Math so Matheran trip could be in jeopardy. Decided that don't particularly want to give it again so need to buck up and should keep the momentum up! Pray fr me guys :D esp that I go to Matheran :)

Tomato soup at nite and a walk this morng...was sleep walking..been too long since I did my endorphins thing!! Starting afresh today..I think :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Awesome thees eees

Doing random reading led me to here and found this beauteous bit here.

Too much eet ees and I quote verbatim, "As a man you must never talk to a woman's breasts. They hate it. Being appreciated for her feminine charms is one thing, but talking to her breasts is down right rude and is not acceptable, so hold her gaze throughout."


Is our national heritage hostage to nature?

Ancient article in HT..Although doubt anything is going to come of it. U can read more here

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I am a cloud spotter and its nice to be one btw...which also means that sometimes other ppl think u r weird or crazy because you can see things in the sky that they don't see. For instance I went to Pune, sat on that hill and of course spotted half a torsoed man in the sky. My friend just could not see it! I tried twice or thrice but well guess some people just can't see it.

RG is also a cloud spotter. Rem the time we went to Murty's house and saw the most amazing things in the sky..and at Kashid also. Yesterday, I saw a baby dinosaur in the sky. My sistah could see it too. :D Makes me happy that there r other crazy ppl in the family. :D

RG sent me these links..pls be checking this and this.

Boootiful the 2nd link is actually..if u can see it that means u r crazzy cloudspotter too! :D All I say is welcome to the club fellow cloudspotter

Monday, June 04, 2007

My weekend

Had decided 6 million yrs back tht I was going to go away to Pune this weekend. Deed accomplished! :D Took Volvo, went and saw this bootiful movie called ' Sirf Tum' starring
  • Priya Gill w ho cried thruout the whole movie
  • Sanjay Kapoor - why does he exist
  • Sushmita Sen - wearing diamonds and begging pyaar ki bheek
  • Salman Khan - blehpfft
  • Shagufta Ali - woh apne pati ko samajh naheen paati
  • Jackie Shroff - rick driver called Pritam who does one dance number
  • Mohnish Behl - who proposes marriage to Priya at a bus stop!
Sanjay Kapoor also mouthed lines like, "Meri pavithra hi mera bank balance hai!" I cringed and winced thruout the movie...I was on the first seat and well however hard I tried to ignore it, just could not!

Reached Pune, found phrainds...did bonding with S n K over chiken and amazing mutton! It has this amazing elaichi flavour..totally yummy! Went Vinnie, went to AP's place to see the baccha partee who were bootiful children. AP is an awesome mommy :D

Partied tht nite at Area 51 (built like a frigging spacecraft) ranged from shit to crap to good to crap all over again. 3 in the morning, put my head out of the car on an empty Pune road and screamed!! Wasssss funnnnn....totally awesome experience...also did deliberately a wee bit later to scare some random ppl walking on the road! :D Got home, did sleep...Sunday brunch at Not Just Jazz - a tradition by now..went to awesome Mochas at KP and man tht place was awesome...ordered brownies we didnt eat and fucking then got home...and then went trekking!!

Vinnie mavsi (she would kill me for this one!) took me to hill which we climbed precisely 60 minutes before I departed fr Mumbai...phatte it was..we went up on tht hill and screamed our lungs out...Sharad Pawar's brother's bungalow was at the foot of the hill. I think he mite have been a lil bit disturbed by the yelling :)

All in all, a good weekend- so nice to meet with friends and do random giri and relax and drink daru and bond :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Life n death

Yesterday was absolutely amazing for me coz it was glorious rains. Thunder and litening ruled the skies and it was gloriously cool and booootiful. Loved it..sat on my bedroom windowsill and absorbed the elements...thought abt life and existentialism :P Smelled the rain, the wet mud (someone should bottle tht smell) and it was just bootiful.

Slept. Ghar ka fone rang at 11.30 pm (all late nite calls on ghar ka line signify shit happening) My Amma's sister,(I have always called my Mom's mom Amma, never my own mother...) Jaya periamma passed away yesterday. She of the Blue Jagger diamonds nose stud fame...who always reminded me of my Amma..I think my only connection left with my dearest grandmama left us. Sister and me r heartbroken. Mom didn't sleep..and we kept thinking abt it...I just feel regret because I had been wanting to visit her and kept putting it off and she is not there anymore..

She was petite and u cd crush hug her...which I have done in the past. A very sweet lady who brought up her 3 kids after she lost her hubby yrs ago. Think I got my nose stud inspiration frm her and always give her as my reference pt whenever someone mentions my nose piercing. But like Dee said ppl u love who go away are always there and tht connection never goes away no matter what.

Its really cool for me to think tht now its not just Amma but Jaya periamma as well who are out there looking after own guardian angels :D