Sunday, October 08, 2006

Relaxing day eet be

So today my mood is like nice and relaxing it has been.. I slept at 2 am on acct of being out last nite..went fr a drive to Palm Beach after ages..almost did a 100 but well it was nicenesss..

Went fr class in the morning..only one baccha turned I taught her and we bonded abt life and going out and her classmates and what she wanted to do in life types..which was nice.. then went out fr lunch with friend, went to random place called Gable's near Theobroma...Had ham and cheese omlette [it was Amul cheese btw :) ] with toast..

Theobroma had to be visited and omg, so divine their creations are....yum yum yumyumyumyuym..very very nice it was home but am feeling so relaxed, its amazing..very nicenesss eet ees..(Yes Nehoo, you can steal it!)

That ees eet from me ...maybe I come back..oh interesting article I read about Google wanting to buy You Tube..interessant eet ees..I put link, feel like reading, read!

Adieu pour maintenant :)

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Doh said...

Google is everywhere...not something I like.