Sunday, October 08, 2006

Read, read,

The Future of Google-
Fucking amazing this is.. doing work on this,don't ask why..big boss wanted me to look at RSS feeds hence..I was here..this chut has put an ad fr his sistah, I feel like bashing the dickhead's head in..
Hhahhhahhhhhaah, just realised tht sounded howlarious and disgusting..@ckfbjbdfbdbsbzxjzbvbv too!! Anyways, u get pt...I shall put excerpt I think..

"My sister is a very charming girl, not just me, everyone who meets her says so. She is a very elegant girl, well mannered, speaks only when reqd, intelligent and last but not the least -- beautiful. I have posted this on her behalfas I know her extremely well and know what she wants but the final decision will always be hers. So feel free to contact through this ad and when and if we take this further, you will be talking to her directly and then you will come to know a lot about her" - Bashturd man, don't u think??
You have to see to believe and plus she looks like one of those chiks out a K serial!@!!

Bas, finito fr now..enjoy and pls pls leave comments!! I am looking forward to this..:)

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Yum Yum... said...

Mins... please not to be confoozing brotherly love! Its the bond between akka and anna. :)