Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Je departe

Down the StepsImage by jimfrazier via FlickrI have got a new job guys. Thanks for all the hand holding and support I have got. Anyone wants details - email me :D I shall be glad to tell you more. Today is my last day at my current company. This feels strange and good at the same time. I am aware that I am going to get a surprise farewell party. Of course I know by now so therefore it is not a surprise :O I am getting profounder by the minute it looks like.

Anyways, it has been a good two years in the company and I have made fab ass friends. Bogh always tells me not to use too colloquial words :) But theek hai - aaj last swan song hai atleast is jagah mein so haq bantha hai humara I reckon.

I am leaving for my S. Indian trip tmmrw. So intensely excited, apprehensive at the same time. Waheee I feel. I got up this morning at 7.00 am thinking only about the trip and the hazaar things I had to do before I go for it. I have bought deo (nice smelling one) and the bleeping avaaz making thing with me to protect myself against attackers :D

Let's see how the trip goes. I thought I should do a final posting before je departe :) Oh I will b posting on SMS so by all means join my group if you are not already a member - here for joining.

In the bus

I saw her in the bus again. I got into my 382 and walked ahead towards the Ladies seats. She sat in the same place as before. I thought to myself Ye Olde England is back. But nearing her I realised she had Trafalgar Square on her head today. Bleddy hell - I did miss :( I didn't carry my camera today and I did miss of her and her lovely scary. I was damn disappointed and cursed myself. This led me to speculate that she probably owns a whole London tourist series. I wish I wish for a camera at the right moments. Sigh

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Travelling around South India

Statue dedicated to the traveller.  Oviedo, Spain.Image via Wikipedia

Intending to get up early in the morning. Didn't happen. No walk and then could not make out if I overslept or underslept. Zonked thru the car ride with Father reading Mint. I took a snap of his reflection in the side mirror. I think his face came out decent but the stupeed front seat covered his face.

Anyways, decided I would step into the local CCD and imbibe a cup of black kapi. Wonderful the walk was – felt nice in the warm sunshine with the sweat pouring off my face (slight exaggeration of course) The kapi was wondrous. Relaxed for 30 minutes, read the complete Hindustan Times – starting with the Business section and then reading the main section. I think HT started me off getting more interested in business, stock market and I do occasionally read the Mint too.

I am going on a trip to South India soon. Starting 30th April and ending on 14th May. Starting from Chennai, proceeding towards Mahabalipuram and then Pondicherry. I have done research on what to see and eat there. Booked my accommodation as well so that has been sorted out. I worry about travelling alone. This man will be in the last leg of my journey and he is excited too especially the part where we walk on hot melting earth - direct quote from him.

From Pondicherry I am travelling further to Salem. Salem is where my Mom was born. Her memories of the place are driving me there of course. She of course doesn't know that I am travelling alone. She threw a hissy fit (err, no other words for that fit fit :P) at me going alone. By mistake, I said something about going alone. But what the heck, you gotta do what you gotta do. From Salem, the original plan was to go to Madurai. But Madurai is overbooked so I am going directly to Kuttralam. The bloddy place is called Courtallam – blech how anglicized can things get.

Kuttralam – is where Amar Seva Sangam is located. Dad has been giving money to this place for the last 20 years. They started off against female foeticide and infanticide. Apparently they r looking forward to me coming there. This man told me abt Tenkasi – a place I am planning to visit. One thing that I am worried about is the way people are going to stare but then again I get stared in Bumbai. I am going to be carrying pepper spray or some variant on it too so that should make things okay I reckon.

Back to Coimbatore from here and onwards to Bangalore on the 9th. Shall meet up with some friends then. Onwards to Hospet and then Hampi :) I am looking forward to this part of the journey. Yaaaay..3 days spent here and then back to Bangalore for a day and then catching a Jet flight to Mumbai. :)

My travel itinerary has now been fleshed out. Like I said my only worry is traveling alone. More than the safety issues I am concerned about how I am going to do trip without company. I like pointing things out, see details and love to share that with people. That is not going to be feasible on this trip except at Hampi. It is shaping up to be an interesting journey and I am looking forward to it with some parts excitement, some part trepidation and most parts YAAY :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Standing tall in a world gone mad
I can walk alone
My rant has died its due death
My meadow of yellow flowers awaits :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker.

Listening to Yael Naim's 'Lonely' in a loop

The morning walk doesn't take the edge off my sorrow

Watching the sun come up didn't hit no high notes

The music seems to be missing in my life

One does stupid things in life. Throwing oneself at someone can count amongst the el stupeedo things one does. Especially when one is not wanted. That hurt lingers. Doesn't go away anywhere. Depression follows me around like a rain cloud waiting to burst. Alcohol looses inhibitions. You end up doing stupider things then. Thinking goes away. Acting on impulse has costs attached. The price must be paid . The heart is not given to listen to anything or anyone. It wants, it seeks and self – destructs.

It pays not to quit apparently. That my dear is all bollocks. Quitting gives you peace of mind. Persevering leads to your lil heart breaking into a zillion pieces. I hide my heart under a landscape of cheerfulness. I am happy or so it seems. Surface happiness is easy to obtain – superficial things can give me that. Watching flickr can give me that. Doesn't mean shit all in the long run.

Envy is a bad mistress, she needs to be struck from the heart or she will eat you up alive. Conquer her and you have conquered one – fiftieth of your desires and ambitions. Sound like a guru don't I? I think if I was a guru I would allow my disciples to drink alcohol and have loads of sex like bunnies. Bunnies are weird creatures. I know someone who has the most hideous stuffed bunny I have had the misfortune to see. Poor bunny – his existence must be so puerile. No offence Mr Bunny Owner. :)

The weak sun seems to desire to be let out

The clouds are still hanging around

Preventing a glorious day from emerging

Is there a triumph at the end?

Victory laps are awaiting

This too shall pass

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movie count

Dharam VeerImage from WikipediaMunich - Good watch and believable historical fiction. Read more on the real life story here

Don't Move - Strange Italian movie starring Penelope Cruz and Sergio Castellitto - more here

Dharam Veer - coool retro Hindi flick with Dharmendra and Jeetu bhai. Fundoo eet ees with the hair, wigs, Rajmata, banjaras, Ranjit being villainous, Pran and his white horse doing that 15 feet jump - wahwah....

Shoot 'Em Up- Clive Owen n Monica Belluci starrer..total wot eet ees film. Paisa vasool eet ees. Shooting(s) galore, punchlines one after the other and oh yes the sex scene does take the cake. U r like wtf when u r watching eet!

Persepolis - animated French film set in Iran and an autobiographical one at that. History, identity, culture well explored. Lovely animation as well. Read more about this one here

No Country for Old Men- Bleak and bootiful. Love the dark humour in it. Brilliant performance by Javier Bardem - insane he is in this.

Juno- Ellen Paige is super in this. Lovely dialogues - must watch.

Jab We Met - Good performances. Enjoyed a Hindi movie which was actually nice and not shait!

The Abyss - Starring Ed Harris and chik with long hair. Wikipedia informs me that it is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Geez, I actually recall thinking that it must have been her. Crazy ass sci-fi movie. One watches this with suspended disbelief. My mom was watching along with me and she was like asking me existential questions like what is happening, who is this etc...I answerd to the best of my abilities :)

Finally removed 'Lost in Translation' frm the dabba. Almost watched 'Michael Clayton', 'The Ant Bully' and 'The Devil Wears Prada'. Left to watch 'Across the Universe' - which has fundoo soundtrack.

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