Friday, April 30, 2010

The 10 quick steps to eternal happiness

A dear friend on Flickr - ganobristol - just tagged me on this post. Stuff like this makes you stop and think. What does happiness mean and where do I find my happiness really? What makes me happy in 10 quick steps are as follows:

1. Photography - the mood hits me and then sometimes I just know its a perfect shot and like honestly screw what people think about it. Par example, like this one below which is also the subject of a previous post.

2. Rains - Sitting at home and experiencing the rains is what makes me happiest. Ghar pe amma will make chai/kapi and sometimes (rarely actually) bhajia - wah wah moments

3. The sea - Nothing makes me happier than being close to the sea. And I love getting a sun tan so it is all good in my mind. Prawns are my fave sea food and there is something awesome about sunrise-sunset by the seaside.

4. People - Family and friends - make me happy. I have a strong support system who encourages, cheers and holds my hand, figuratively and literally when the chips are against me.

5. Filter kapi - sigh - what would I do without kapi? My life would be an empty, barren husk I know! First thing in the morning, a cup of filter kapi uplifts me like nothing else can

6. Cooking - I am a late bloomer here. I like cooking - the smells, the effort and let's not forget the sweat :P And of course the mostest happiness is derived from people's burps afterwards :):)

7. Reading and listening to music - Two pleasures combined guaranteed to enthrall me enough that I can get blinded to the world outside.

8. The colour green - I loveee greeen so much so that some friends started calling me the 'Green Goblin' at a point!!! I have green earrings and green outfits. I used to have green shoes but they died on me!! :(

9. Whisky - :D I don't think I should say more. Nothing like a small peg and boy is that guaranteed to uplift the spirits (sorry could not resist that one! :))

10. A life partner - Lifetime of guaranteed happiness I have been promised and if nothing else -I get a house and some LV bags in return he says :):)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The light check...the beads check...shadows..check..

Sometimes the perfect shot comes along without you knowing it. Sometimes life happens without you knowing it. And going with the flow is just as good as thinking and planning it. This shot is like that- with the flow - taxi stops in town at a traffic signal, the light pours in this extraordinary fashion, the beads glitter, and my hand automatically reaches for the camera.

One day, I want to have an exhibition of my photographs. I would like that to happen for me. I am not yet confident that I am that good. I work with a point and shoot. People compliment me. But I know I am just as good as the next person. To be better, I need to learn.

Life teaches you lessons. Sometimes you learn well, sometimes you forget and make the same effing mistakes. And that too is a learning experience.

This post in that sense is a nonsensical one. The photo inspired me to write. I like using photos to complement my writing. You can read Flash Fiction about how that works. I think Micky is doing a great job at supporting people who write. More people should write - gets their angst off their chests and wherever else it is hiding :)

Ok enuf said. Time to do I reckon...

Friday, April 16, 2010

A commitment for a lifetime

Life has a funny way of working out she thought to herself. The sari lady was putting the final touches on her pallu. Her make up was in order (for once she thought!) Everything was perfect.

How had this come about - this eternal happiness she expected for herself? She had met him sometime back. Common friends etal. They had got talking. Something had clicked. She had cold feet. So did he.

But standing here today, she was surprised to see that it had all fallen into place. Her usual cynicism had no place here.

She heard the call of the nadaswaram outside in that fine AC hall her amma-appa had paid for with a lifetime of savings. She smiled and stepped out with the confidence that was born of belief that they could make it together - that they could be...