Saturday, October 14, 2006

Now and the present...

Hm..I am at peace, I can't explain why I feel the way I do..its like a psychological release from the events of this morning. Morning was highly traumatizing, very indeed. I participated in this morning's rituals and cried and felt terrible for my cousins. They had lost a father, my periamma had lost her hubby and me, I think to some extent I discovered what I had lost...cryptic innit? ;)

I rediscovered the fact that family is so important, life is too important to be wasted on shit. U need to do all the shit possible because that chance you get might be the last chance you have!! So grab that fucking moment, buy that goddamn skirt that you want, eat that vada pav and apart from all this trivial shit, spend time with family. Depending on how close you are to them, it is so so important to tell them u care, love them and fucking try to never take them for granted...well try being the operative word.

I rediscovered who I was..the kind of emotions I feel and to some extent I feel like I am floating and everything that passed was unreal..dream like..that person at 9.30 am crying over a dead uncle was someone completely different from this person typing out this post.

In a schizophrenic world we live, assuming different roles, playing out our parts and working for those simple things in life- roti, kapda and makaan. Aur haan paisa..fucking tangential bs I talk sometimes..I wonder how people tolerate wise ass comments on that one please peoples..:)

Retail therapy coming up and if I wake "the one" up, then I shall go out for dinner!! :) Guys, whoever has been supportive, thank you...I appreciate it really a lot...hugs and kisses to the whole fucking bunch of you..

My mood now...

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anticaps said...

hey kits, group hug. yeah, family is important. hope you're doing good. nice new look for blog.