Friday, October 13, 2006

Prem Chopra and Yash Chopra :)

Here are a couple of instances that happened yesterday and today. Yesterday I got a call on my cell fone. Picked up and conversation went like this:
(Familiar)Voice: Is this Kirti from Zee?
Me: No
(Familiar)Voice: Oh...
Me: Can I ask who this is please?
(Familiar)Voice: This is Prem Chopra here...
Me: ..hahahahahahaahhahaahahahahahahhahahaahaha (Internally)

I realised that he had saved my number at some time when I was with Foundation and called me up mistakenly. Very very phunny it was. Explained and he went away. :)

Yash Chopra jee- I just saw this morning at airport, saw his wifey and did ignore. Knew her from before but could not be really bothered if she existed or whatever guess...

That was Chopras ki kahani...:)

Very peculiar to see celebs at airport I think...

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