Thursday, August 24, 2006

I read this and was highly amused..people feel so much about sports...Sqwaaar drive for instance is hugggeee in India and everywhere else.. I am doing something called the NFL- National Football League and there is team called the Colts. On a Colts blog this is wot I found:
"It’s Hard to be a Colts Fan"
It’s really a nightmare. The team you root for is consistently one of the best teams in the league. They win over 10 games a year, sometimes 12, sometimes 14, and yet the ultimate goal seems so far away. It’s like an amazing orgasm that never reaches its climax. A big freaking tease is what it is.

Very very phunny I thought...Went out fr a drink with office types last nite and had 3 glasses of wine..nice it tired and feel like havent dont much work today which is probably true....nice eet ees..

Journey into office was a nitemare..First stuck in traffic for 30 mins..on a stretch that normally takes less than 5 mins...then rick goes of course take another one...2nd rick, bastard didn't have a license or permit so..he of course gets caught by pandu..get offa that rick and of course take the 3rd rick to Powai and finally land in office at the grand time of 12.15 pm...

Went out for lunch with Prankie at 1.15 pm and that was so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Caught up on life and went to Yoko's!! Sizzler took so much time and people who came later than us got it before us and both of us feeling hungry as hell!
Today has been one of those days, think I should just go with the flow...

Puttar is going to give me a ride on his Machismo shit scared with the way things are going today he going to be caught and that is it..end of story happens for Puttar. Work work work...can life be about more sometimes??

Someone from work said she wants a man..I would like that too, and not just for the sex, although that is good..:) Lifeaseeeteees only

Friday, August 18, 2006

Saw wierd dream, got msg frm Dee at 5.20 am which I managed to read, am surprised by myself..
Even more interesting was what I saw on Vikhroli road and had to put it up..could not resist it at all.. It said
Capsule and Oil
For Man Only

Oh man, wot a freaking cool ad peoples......Wtf is this thing and how can anyone advertise for this like tht!! Exciting stuff I tell ya

Last nite I saw an amazing program on NatGeo called Emerging India...It featured Bombay and was so full of information about the Railways, the Sea Link project, the Metro project and they did all this whole 3-dimensional thing where they showed what was happening and how the project has been envisioned.

The Sea Link especially was an eye opener, how much engineering goes into building and how much thought goes into creation of something like that. Its simply astounding (sorry cannot stop using adjectives!) Pls to be seeing program if it comes back at any time..

I am going today for Nehoo's engagement..all dressed up and shit..yaarrgh..looking forward to it...:)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I love this new Blogger btw..Google is fuckng everywhere..monopoly happening..I think they need an antitrust suit thrown at them to stop them from taking over everything and anything..I love Google btw in case anyone is checking and reporting back to Sergei :)

Check what they had done when Joan Miro's birthday happened. If you don't know who that is, well do Google :)

So looking through MSN India, found another gem..

'Viveik's uncanny likeness to Johnny Depp'--- arrrggghgghgghhh......Man, lets go kill MSN India or spam them or something...U can read more on

Adios for today..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh man, I have been sick and didn't go into work yesterday..Its a bad feeling when this happens..I am desperate to go to Panchgani and get away from city! I am hoping I am get alrt sooooon...I am better now and at work and I fought with my Mom yest so guess must be good! :)

I read Bips in Sunday TOI who said,"I can give John what his bike cannot!"..Man where do these women come from??? Some other planet I am sure! Wtf totally!!

Man is leaving, I am gng to be left alone, no company to go to CL, hang out in life, go fr drives..beetch I am gng to miss u like mad!! Big hug bastard and hope life works out fr u! :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

I had to put this up..Shamita Shetty and Kim Sharma had a catfite!! I love what Shamita has said -Quote: I'm not a cat. I don't indulge in cat-fights Unquote !!!

Please

She studied in Doc's school btw guys..and her sistah had crush on Doc's cuz whose now abroad! Wondrous stuff!! I tell ya...the week has been a beeetch man..I will be back writing abt those things I wanted to write abt!

Adios fr now...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I haven't written for days, weeks, years!! Overexaggeration as always but well u get the point...Me has been crazy bizzy for sometime..will be back when I need to be..:) Wot an inane thought! I want to write about so many things:
  • War in Israel- Lebanon
  • Work
  • Life
  • Man
  • Sistah's pharmacy thing
  • Monkey in da house
  • Omkara with Bips being so baddddddddddddd!!
Yes, there is a fucking monkey roaming around my colony and been entering my house, yes my kitchen for the past 2-3 days and that is insanely crazzzeee story but well its true..Madness man, need to call Forest dept to get someone to take it away will do needful as a dutiful daughter!

Brb I hope......:)