Friday, December 29, 2006

MoodI last nite

I went for the MoodI concert last nite...Sufi nite or some nonsense it was called. Presented by Canara reminded of when we did our event in Jan and hazaar sponsor crap u need to do..organising, pleasing the crowd but at the same time dng yeh woh..artist being made happy etcetc!

I saw an absolutely phunfuckingtastic performance by this group called Sitar Funk - Niladri on sitar which was electrifyin, drums by Gino Banks, keyboards by Agnello Fernandes who gave music to Kabul Express, Tabla by Satyajit Talwalkar, Mridangam by bald dude, Vocals by some Anand dude who was v good and Bassist was Sheldon D'Silva who rocked ass!! Why the heck have I put all these names here is a good quashtun.

They played Bin Tere Sanam, Floyd, Doors and my lord....bootiful stuff.. Gino did this whole drum + crowd interaction thing! Great great stuff!!

Mr Kailash Kher rocked...but to me it was expected that he would rock! His English sucked! Lol..I am such a cow but well...wotver...Crowd went mad...I rem me gng to rock shows and showing the same frenzy that people showed is beautiful if made the right way and can make that connect with people!

The crowe went mad with Allah Ke Bandhe - people went wild..Harish was singing like with pura josh and mad just fabbb stuff!! Ambience sometimes makes this humongous difference and man was there an electrifying ambience yest! Boootiful and I enjoyed a lot of it!

NY is coming and I am going away to Kashid!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..I am so excited abt Kashid I tell ya..can't fucking wait! Double wheeee...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I was at MoodI yest! Went for JAM and had such a good time. Had a greattt time! Its been so long since I attended one of these things and man, had forgotten how good it could be....The JAM Master was IIT boy and he cracked the most howlarious jokes! Its an experience and you get the ones who do it for phun and the assholes just out to win and objecting at everything!

Finished jazz at stall and went out with friends! Rosie, looked gorgeous as ever and happy she made decision which is going to make her happy! :) U go gurl! Shreya loookd fab as ever, Nehoo got drunk and she looked happy with life...wheee...its nice to meet friends after a long time! I have been friends with these guys for 10 yrs ...that is a fucking decade man! (How observant am I!)

I knw Mun for 19 odd yrs and tht is like some crazee shit! Man is coming today! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....Parteee time is here...Continuing in partee vein, I went out to the Shack last nite! Man, after so fucking long and when we walked in was empty as hell! Cannot believe how crowded it got afterwards! This is Tuesday nite and this place was crowded. But I had place to dance, which I did! Wheeee tht was also! :) Great phun, random man tried to hit on Rosie - quote, "You are pretty"! unquote...after which Nehoo moved Mr Vivek, saviour man to protect us damsels!

Got home at 2.00 am and got up at 7.30 am...Mother total bajaaoeed me! She was like wot the heck, wot r u dng with life! Yeh woh, bahut sunaya! Mins total mins wot happened! So yelled and screamed this morning, I am going to die of high BP, am positive, need to get out sooooon....

Water has gone away today. Off from 10.00 am this morning till tmmrw 10.00 am. Such an essential commodity that we take fr granted! I think about all those people who are without water and bless my upper middle class existence!

NY, come soon and bring me luck, lots of luck and positive stuff!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Random thoughts

Saturday afternoon, I am listening to Garden State OST and not had a bath and well its nice....Past weekends have been a bit insane with Roch's wedding and other random things happening. Quickie sex never got anyone anywhere or did it I wonder..

Marble is being polished outside of my window. When I go to sleep in my bedroom, I wake up to that sound and think its a normal sound to wake up to, this sound and the water pump ka sound, always the two I associate with getting up after an afternoon snooze...Dalits are being killed and no one gives a shit.

I lead a nice upper middle class life. I read about women having two wombs, snakes having two heads, pythons trying to eat gators and vice versa. Poverty is something that is not to be feared not even when my father loses his job. I am secure. I almost had an accident today.

I am not seeing anyone. I am seeing someone. I hurt when people leave without saying bye. Courtesy never killed anyone did it? Then wierder shit happens and I am told this is wierd, leave it alone. I am not sure I want to. What is that about men that is attractive? Wierd ones especially, I always get them, my life story I think! Strange that my life story should be about wierd men.

I felt I talked too much last nite. I apologised as well. I felt strange about apologising that I talked and bared my heart..Why is it embarassing that we talk about ourselves. I am going to retract my apology. The person got to know me better and I apologised for that. How stupeed can it be that we keep hiding our true selves while supposedly showing our true selves to people...

Why are some of the greatest artists of our time dead? Dope, sex, fast lives - causes or even better depression. How can you be so depressed that you want to kill yourself? I have never understood this propensity within people. Maybe I am strong enough to bear things and cannot contemplate a time or place where I need to kill myself because of things that are happening to me or around me for that matter!

My uncle with accident sitting in my house - past 4 months. My father - responsible son - sitting in his mother's house - a grandmother I haven't seen in the last 8 months, have lost count actually. Sad that is! I miss Amma, I went to her house today, the house that still has memories for me, where I grew up, where I broke my first tooth, where I had my first bicycle! Appa too, so far they seem from me, my grandparents of the heart. I am melancholic about family and responsibilities towards family members.

Its always about what I want. Never about what others might want. You never stop wanting. Endless vicious circle it is. When are we going to stop wanting? Do diksha like that Gujarati family from 'Maximum City'? I cannot give up things. My white wine, family, [look at my order], friends, smokes, kapi, laptop, music, sorpatel, Bodyshop Lip Balm, perfume, silver hoops. Imagine renouncing this and moving away from it all. Become a hermit for what purpose.

Melancholy. I am distressed by it. I am wishing it away. Thinking of my New Year's at Kashid. On a beach with moonlight I hope. That thought lightens my brain. Mad friends. Bootiful beach of my memories. Is it going to be as pure as that? I want it to be. I know it will be....

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Mins Blogger is back, out of beta, wonder when we r gng to be like tht with our product! That would be nice......

I have been reading and reading and I feel insatiable with this need to read...I don't go a day without reading..Rt now, I am reading 'The Agony and the Ecstasy' by Irving Stone. Its a biography of Michelangelo and its fabulous! I mean, I find it hard to believe some of the stuff here but its a great read trying to understand how the mind that made 'David' - one of the most beautiful things I have seen btw!

I saw David in Florence...he is the most perfect man ever. I am now reading as to why he chose to make David that way, the pose, the reasons behind the pose..oh man, bootiful stuff! That set me getting nostalgic about my time in Italy and what a glorious time I had! Spent 16 days in that country and boy I wish I could go back there! With patience comes things and that is what I hope! Florence- the Doumo, Sienna and the cobbled streets, Rome, Pomepii, Positano - boooooooootiffffulllll with the lesbian hostel warden! Ah, memories, so sweet.....

Further down the path and remembered Ncl friends - and went into work and had got email from cool that was...coincidental and everything but still! Day progressed and suddenly something happens and I am like man, why me types!! Its like I attract trouble or men can scent it - whichever comes first!

I met Mun yest and had a such great time catching up with him man! Wheee that was! Been friends with him for 19 long yrs and I am loving eeet!! Ended up talking about my love life as usual! How wierd that should happen with today's RTC man! I can't wait to see Man (where the fuck are you da??)...

I also did some screwy shit and I can only apologise to person concerned. Honest mistake meant well but sometimes things get wierd! Sowie baby, didn't mean any harm at all!

Cutlet's and Ganja's wedding went off fabulously! Loved being bridesmaid and loveeeee my dresss!! Shoes were bashturd in end but still worth it I guess! Wot women do for vanity I tell ya! I caught the fucking bouquet which of course made me the talking point of Den's family! Bloddy nonsense I tell ya...Den beetch even put that fucking snap up!! Blodddddy I tell ya!!

I am gng to Kashid for NY and can't fucking wait! The work that I am doing rt now, I am going to be heartily sick of by the time it finishes so just as well I would say I am going away. I pray for Mrs Karnik's soul everyday!

That is it from me....enuf update crap I reckon....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I went looking for some random assignment I did back in Xaviers and well I found all these old assignments altogether. Remembered a different time, a different place when all was well with this world and I was a Xavierite, innocent to the world waitin for me (Grin here!)

I found some fotus of me as well, old ones, with me smokng and looking skinny! All bunched together coz obs I had been tryg to hide them frm my mother dearest!! (Grin here too!)

I found an assignment tht I am going to send there and found a reference to something called a 'bunad'. This is the Norwegian national costume and of course I had to msg my pat Renate!! (Big Big Grin here!)

Cutlet is getting married and I have been intensely bizzy on the time to breathe let alone blog!! Work has been ok but trying to juggle my apps as well so overall ok scene...thought shd blog def today..Found awesome snaps of me on Gera's flickr thing! Loved eeeet....Murty looked darlingicious as well on tht ....nice memories..:)