Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The contrast becomes him

The Sartorialist

Girl child and education

Everyday in most parts of the globe, this story must be repeated with severe consequences. This story manages to give me hope that women can have a better future and escape the confines of tradition- especially a tradition that enslaves them.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The moon watches me with her gentle eyes

As I walk the down the paths carved by the hands of men

She is still glowing iridescent in her beauty

Blue lights wrapped around the building

Soft neon in the pre dawn

The dog pads behind me softly

Licks the back of my knee startling me

The cold wind soothes my anger brings me peace

The innocent sleep of the pavement dwellers

Chirping of the bird in the dark of the dawn

Shadow cast by the pipal leaves

The artificial lights of the streets play a part

The walk ends

The moon she fades away into the dawn

Friday, January 18, 2008

Footie update

Kevin Keegan became Ncl coach...Shearer could potentially become his Assistant...maybe a new era begins. Read more here

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


From the Sartorialist

Monday, January 14, 2008


I do a Pune trip every 3-4 months. I go meet friends who will live there. A and AP r two very dear friends of mine who have relocated to Pune, one due to parents and job and the other because of marriage. We graduated together and they are lifelong friends. A was very scared that we would lose touch but she reassured herself and me that we were past the stage where we could probably not stay in touch.

This weekend I left late and caught up with a new friend-D - tht sounds weird but since I met him only at New Year's I think he will be ok with me calling him tht :) He is directionless. His comment was his mind has been rewired with music and lyrics and directions have disappeared. We did a Pune Heritage Walk around Pune Market. Had a super time, walking around. Putting fotus and giving small description as well. First stop - Vishrambagh Wada - this haveli like place which had the Peshwa's durbar.

When it came to these labels, D had a question. Now there was a very old uncle sitting in this Peshwa's darbar reading newspaper (Peshwa uncle must be shuddering in his grave!) Anyways, I was like go ask Uncle. So D (brave soul) went upto uncle and asked him in Marathi btw wot eet eees. Uncle gets up from creaking chair, lifts his creaking bones and moves towards us. He said, 'Mala pun mahiti nahin'. We of course sniggered (wtf else could we do!)

We then proceeded towards Belbag Mandir which looked a bit like this. This place was an oasis of peace in the midst of noisy Pune.

According to the route now we had to go towards the City Post Office. Disappointment as it looked like normal building. We made dig abt how it was built in colonial times and lacked aesthetics :) Then went towards Vachan Mandir. Of course with a name like this, we said must be mandir. It in fact was a 160 year old library - v nice place - full of character.

Walked towards the last port of call - Tulsibag Mandir. Very niceness place this was. This place had similar wooden columns to Vishrambagh Wada but had been painted a hideous green. See for yourself here.

Post this I did depart and went and did bond with AP over cold kapi at Marzorin. That whole area had been converted to a Walking Plaza which means no cars. People were walking, eating, drinking kapi by the gallons and there were roadside stalls and of course loads of shopping happened.

Went to AP's house and was itching to meet her kids. I met her lil one DA..he is the cutest ever. Got very sentimental. Cried for a wee bit. AP was perhaps shocked at this. But seeing her kid made me realise that I am going to go away and not see her kids grow up. They r not going to remember Maasi K and tht sucks totally! Anyways met A and did bond with her. She is another awesome friend, great lover of dance and la fran├žaise. Anyways, we went for dinner to this fundoo place called Flags - this multi cuisine restaurant. Accha khana khaya and accha daru piya. :D

I had been very keen to do some hiking the next morning but was too pooped so did give up and we snoozed. :) Next day was spent wandering around marriage halls as A is getting married. Had a super time. Luncheon at Not Just Jazz as is tradition that I have estd for myself ever since that first trip to Pune. Left for Mumbai soon afterwards.

I had a very nice weekend. Meeting old and new friend (s), doing a heritage walk around Pune Market, nice food, bonding, some daru and bloddy Sun n Moon Restaurant that directionless D dragged me to. The freaking moons were different everywhere in the restaurant!! But very nice time eet was.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sex toys and engineering

I'm more interested in the sexiness of engineering than I am the engineering of sex.

Brilliant sentence. Read more here

Monday, January 07, 2008


A friend sent me this post and I really liked it . Read more here

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The voices from the past continue to talk to me in different tongues

Some garbled; some crystal clear

I listen indifferently yet intently

It sounds like noise and yet there is a pattern

I am meant to open the curtains to let the clear notes filter through

To let the past bid adieu

Friday, January 04, 2008

Hafiz and the beauty of Sufi poetry

Perversion of the justice system

DNA, new technology all of these prove innocence of men accused of crimes they didn't commit. Should I be astounded that it takes 26 years for a man to be proven innocent in the hallowed US of A? Doesn't it take the same amount of time in India where people languish in jails for years on end without any kind of release?

You can read more here

The Journey

When man loses sight of who he is

Disappears under a rubble of thought

Trifles and baubles they rule

Profoundity lost

Who am I? Traits, thoughts, emotions?

I make a stew for myself of these

And slurp it down real quick

The warmth lingers

Makes me happy

The mixture sometimes is not right

I lose myself and wander away

The road is far and I am slow

I fall down occasionally and break some bones

It hurts but I return to follow my path

The destination is close

I ache with that sure knowledge

It will come to me as surely as the sun rises

I must hurry

I see first light...