Monday, July 17, 2006

Retail therapy rockssss ....I bought red shirt..Yes Red but eet eees so boootiful..It is smartness personified and looks glorious..So love eeet..Another teee I bought is Y back top which is pretty but would involve me buying proper inners or else would have to be like those hazaar women who wear see thru straps which I hate!!!

Cutlet's engagement went off really well. Me and Dee were early, I hope everyone knows what means :) Their rings were so pretty pretty..Nice eet was and khana was awesome....Sorpatel, wot would I do without it man?? Life so incomplete without sorpatel which is "a popular Goan curry traditionally made with pork meat and various other organs like the liver, intestines, heart and tongue". So am told that liver is generally used but so yummmmmy...

On a foodie note don't ever try Haggis, this thing made in Scotland..arrgh..The smell- yucky, the taste even yuckier...I tried, really I did but don't understand the fascination of eet....wait till u c foto..

That ees eet from me now..How is eet possible to miss someone even when you are with 6 other people who are making you laugh? Is this habit or the something else? Don't think I want to know...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hola, am back with a bang. So things have proceeded since that fateful day which was 11/7, incidentally my mother's and anticaps birthday. Not a nice thing to happen and no fucking fones on made things highly worse!

Anyways, things have come to a head in personal life. Am moving on or so we talked about it. Still feels the same. Love the ephemeral emotion died a slow death on a nite still remembered. Wish things could have been different but somehow don't wish it too. I am still talking so eet ees not so bad but somehow its like wish unsaid...

Okies now off to Shoppers Stop for retail therapy...Wheeeeee

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Life is a motherbetch! I'm sure that line must be oft quoted around. People should start saying that man and more often, then they are going to believe it and they are going to live their lives as if there is no tomorrow. That is important especially keeping in mind the recent events that have happened!

First the bastard rains and then the bastard bomb blasts! What's happened to Mumbai, the one I know? She has disappeared under the sea of corruption, communalism- its like a disease has corrupted Mumbai and she is going down slowly and surely man! I love my city and I cannot bear it when cowards do these acts of cowardice! Ladies first class compartments, wot the motherfuck!! Its the sheer height of how can I kill people without showing my face and destroy innocent lives for god alone knows what purpose!!

I was telling Murty that I actually suspect the SS. That mite be a far fetched idea though somehow I can't get over the we shall take drastic action statement. These bastards knew what time the blasts would occur, I saw the timings on TV- all within seconds of each other around 6.30 pm. Like I said cunts the whole lot of them. I am so pissed off and outraged that they dare to do this to my city!!!

I reached home and my parents didn't even know. Sorry let me rephrase that, my mother didn't even know! So I was the proud bearer of news and then hell broke loose in the house with my stupeed sistah out and my father out too! My mom went out of her head with worry but atleast both her daughters are safe and sound and not fucking dead the way I see it!! Dad took bus home so he was okie too..

So I asked the quashtun I had been dreading to ask and well, I got told I will tell you. Wot kind of ridiculous fucking answer is that man!! I will not talk about this anymore and I refuse to. People have sense of family, so screw them! Don't ask me quashtuns about this guys, please...Thanks for being understanding man....Love u all and am so happy that all of you are safe and sound in your homes with people who care about you!!!

Enuf said now. Will probably make return soon!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another week has started and man I got shitloads of work to complete! Pune was good while it lasted. Anticaps, I checked that spelling before I put in, my mind must have been boggled man!! :) I went for a walk today with my love from Chembur and it was so nice. Walking (more perhaps along the lines of ambling) on deserted roads, with nice men in cycles saying nice complimentary things to you.

She was saying when she goes alone she hesitates to even wear shorts which is quite a shame as far as I am concerned. Its ridiculous that in the century that we are gurls need to worry about whether they can wear shorts and go for their fucking morning walk man!! Men need to be thrown into gas chambers sometimes or maybe wear the purdah- that would be an interesting thing to do innit??

We met Cutlet yesterday and seeing her was nice. I am wearing the lac bangles she gave me, so svit!! She is getting engaged this weekend and honestly cannot get over that!! How fantabulous and scaireee at the same time man!!

Laters and enough for the day! Hope my day goes well

Monday, July 10, 2006

Am back from Pune man! I had such a super duper time, enjoying myself in Punnnne! Blast off happened. Reached Ash's place at 11 ish, had hot chocolate and started gappa ghosti! Think typo has happened! :)

Went for Sat lunch to random ass place! Met AP and her baccha, so bootiful! She would not stop feeding us at all!! Chocolate mousse was awesome man! But meeting her is always so much phun and the child brings me so much joy! Half tempted to kidnap her and bring her to Mumbai! :)

Went to Kiva Lounge on Sat nite and had an awesome time there! Enjoyed myself thoroughly! Ash, me and Mammo - wot music and Kiva will be with us forever especially with those coasters that we have! Love u guys..Shevde damn happy things have worked out for you babes!! Hug to you muy amore...

Sunday involved more khana. Thaalipeeth in the morning , brunch at Not Just Jazz and then disturbance in Pune and Mumbai because of the f***ing SS!!! Bastards them whole lot! Disrupting Mumbai life for some nonsense! Honestly man, these guys don't have anything to do hence they keep doing this shit! Media is worse making it into so much hype and showing the same images and fucking freaking people out!

Was home with blinding headache and died from it I think! Why do these things happen, to remind us of how fragile we really are or is it just sympopatic of the way we live our lives! Didn't see match and missed the fucking finals of WC 2006!! AAARRGGGH!!

Welcome dog barker to my life! :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

I am going to Pune and cannot wait to get out of the fucking city! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Whee btw started from a Dutch friend of mine who used to do wheee and she and me in Ncl used to go wheeee like eet ees normal for me to do! I love it especially with Man driving me around..Man honourable mention must come here of this- Very Irrestible...U r a dollface for that darling. I have been craving for this perfume for like ages but well...u did it baby!! Mwah for that..

At work and loving it...later peoples! Shubhs, agree abt swearing becoming cathartic! :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh yes I gotta stop swearing, realised it after I read my own last post. When I am annoyed, it flows like a river, wot to do (shrug of shoulders magician style)?? Think am marginally better than that first post I wrote out! I hate these fucking rains especially when I don't have laptop and can't work like I should be able to. Now hazzaar work pending and this sucks asss man..

Family saying those things didn't help either..Why do they have to be like this? Am I the only wierd one with the wierd family? Fucking dysfunctional is what we are! Wow, this blog posting shit is therapeutic stuff man. Thanks Rao for making me do it! :) Love you babay, mwah!!
So think I feel a little better but still I think there is going to be an outpour!! How dare people think they can get away with anything and everything? Fuck this man, I know I am good and am going to get out..How dare she say those fucking demoralising things?? Like advised, I am going to use it and show her and whoever the fuck thinks I am not good enough!! I am so upset and hate this feeling where I am pissed off and there is no fucking outlet for anything!!!

There's a fucking river outside my home! Fucking bollocks I tell you..oh yes the fucking mythical you! Screw this shit man, am going to do work!
The rage outside
Is mirrored inside
Is it in control?
Why should there be a control?

Wind in my face
I am going to face the elements
No matter what obstacle
Rivers mean nothing
It is just water right!

The goal is always near
I will obtain
Reach I will
No matter what obstacle

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tip tip barsa pani....Man this betching rain!! When is it going to stop? I was going mad at home and I wasn't flooded in so decided to do the sane thing and go to work. Went to work and everyone is like wtf?? Go home types!! Mins wot yaar? U go to work and then coz everyone's freaked out coz of this stupeed media coverage..Media is behaving highly irresponsibly I must say!

I mean, if it was not for media coverage why would people get freaked out like this. Agreed train types had an even rougher time but still man, road was cool. I reached home quickles like in 30 mins and Medem reached home in a hour inspite of all that nonsense!

So I got an email saying I should not mention company name in blog. That does make sense to me whilst I also feel it is restricting my sense of individual expression. Guess corporate culture has to strike somewhere or the other..

Shuchita from work has left us today and wot a grand farewell we had planned. As Shruti rightfully said, it all got washed out man!! Sucks asss. Its time for Murty's farewell to come through as well. She's going for her visa interview and I have full faith it is going to happen and in fucking 20 days she is outta our lives. Crazy shit innit? I mean someone I have known for years, have now become so close to her and well she is moving on with her life. Feels wierd and inevitable at the same time..Life is supposed to be like that I reckon..

Where is my fucking salary man? I am dying, down in the dumps etcetc.. and other adjectives. Wot eet ees completely?? So Man and me are going to Pune, something that is going to be therapeutic for me I am thinking. I cannot wait and am hoping the bastard rains don't destroy my going out of city and bonding with man parteee..
I am looking forward to meeting Shevde and AP and doing bonding with them and sincerely hope this plan doesn't get destroyed like previous plans for Pune. That was a real heartbreaker man!

Maddie, oh Maddie, why did that happen?? We still regret that undone trip and to be honest you should know by now that we really hated that friend of yours for destroying things as they stood.. U didn't call me on birthday betch!! Mins wot eet ees!!

Rains are here and I am happy/sad/annoyed as hell about them. This is bhajjias weather man and my Mommy didn't make any yesterday..Wahhhhh..

Life is like the betching rains- everywhere constantly annoying, demanding, making us look like fools when we do the early thing. This is a terribly bad comparison. You should know what I mean in any case!! Who is this mythical you I keep referring to?? Man, I am tired and this has been one long post..fuking off now..:)

Monday, July 03, 2006

After a long stretch through gray, barren desert, we regained the green hills on the approach to the western fiords. The road turned to dirt, and topped out over a pass into a stunning valley of tundra, yellow and purple wildflowers bursting from its flanks, waterfalls pouring off the rim and a stream at the floor draining toward the sea. At the coast, towering moss-covered cliffs crowded the sea, leaving room only for the narrow road and an occasional red-roofed farmhouse on a carpet of green grass where sheep grazed. Rain fell as a thick mist gathered over the Atlantic, and for many miles we snaked along between a wall of rock and a wall of ocean.

I imagined this was how it felt to drive California's coast 75 years ago, downshifting on the sharp bends in the gravel road, idling before a one-lane bridge while an oncoming car made its crossing. Cold waves lapped over black beaches, lonely crags jutted up from the water, and with the sea fading from gray to green as the sun peeked through the clouds, the landscape was sublime and melancholy.

And just when I thought I'd traveled to Edward Weston's Big Sur, we hit the glaciers. A big chunk of southeastern Iceland lies beneath the vast ice field of Vatnajokull, which crept toward the ocean down a series of fingerlike canyons. Off in the distance the cracked sheets of ice were motionless and menacing. At Jokulsarlon a glacial snout calved into an aquamarine lagoon, and the icebergs drifted almost imperceptibly toward open water, penned in like zoo animals where the busloads of tourists could gawk at their beauty.

Occasionally an iceberg floated beneath the highway bridge, was carried to sea, then was dashed on the beach by the windswept waves. We walked along the gray strand where the blocks of glacier rocked gently in the tide, and we gathered in our hands the cocktail-size ice cubes that had washed up on shore and flung them back to the sea.

On the final day around the Ring, we steered our rental car up the steep switchbacks near the coastal town of Vik. We wanted to reach the top of the seaside cliffs, overlooking a jumble of rock towers jutting from the sea, and then find a trail down to a beach. But the little car was scraping bottom before the first turn, so we left it on the shoulder and continued on foot.

The rain clouds had passed, and as we topped out on the bluff, the sun was dazzling and the wind was fierce. The grass spread out far beyond a radio tower toward an abandoned building on the promontory. We walked along the cliff, leaning away from the edge, feeling that the wind could chuck you over. After an hour of forging against the headwind, we realized that there was no trail to the beach. We were treed, here on this towering bluff.

And that's when we saw the birds. Dozens, hundreds of little white gulls' heads poked out of the rock wall below. We belly-crawled to the edge and peer over.

The gulls danced in the wind. They banked off a howling gust, almost bowled over backward, then straightened their wings and dived forward. They surfed back and forth, now and then catching an updraft and careening a hundred yards over the sea. The sun glistened on the whitecaps and waves surged in slow motion around the rock towers. A pair of puffins emerged from the rookery and braved the winds, looking a bit unsure of their skills, their goofy legs dangling below like parts of a puppet. We clutched the grass where we lay. The wind was going to blow like this all day long. I could have stayed there forever.

This is an awesome article from the NYTimes dude who went around Iceland's Ring Road. So poetic and so awe inspiring. We are nothing in front of nature, something I am forcibly reminded by of today especially when I am flooded in and working frm home...Nice eet ees and wheeeee, this eet ees my first post ever on my own very own blog...