Monday, July 28, 2008

Things I see and read

I thought it was about time I wrote a post. I intend to tell you a little bit what I have been reading and what I have been seeing on television...yes I am back to seeing television again.

Its thanks to Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors, the new channel from Viacom too that I am back to seeing television and making my Mom happy as I am home from Monday - Thursday by 10 pm which is when the show starts. Hosted by Akshay Kumar, 13 babes (ranging from the Tapur- Tupur sisters to Yanaa Gupta types are in it) vie for the throne so to speak. They in turn support an Army chap who has a cause and if they win, the money goes to the Army chap. 4 babes have been outed so far:
  • Sonali Kulkarni - She looked unfit and fat
  • Dipannita Sharma (I missed this episode)
  • Meghna Naidu (quite unfair this one)
  • Vidya Malavade (the worst of the lot - she refused to do a stunt which was quite unsporting in my humble opinion)
Show is paisa vasool. Akshay Kumar is a hard taskmaster and motivates them as well. All the chiks are gung ho in spite of their fears so it is a good watch.

What is not a good watch is the Ekta Kapoor Mahabharata on 9X. Boss, wot eet ees wonly! They are wearing as less clothes as possible and here I talk about both the men and women. Its tres horrible acting - they are hamming as much as possible and it most certainly doesn't match to the whoriginal Mahabharata!!

I incidentally almost watched all episodes of 'Ugly Betty' today in this marathon thing going on Star World today. Its a nice show and I can't believe me and sistah watched some 8 hours of Ugly Betty!!

Reading - Hmm...have been reading a lot...every time I finish a book, am onto the next. Have read like some 6 books atleast in the past 3 weeks. Started with Jeremy Paxman's book 'On Royalty'- this was exactly that, about the English royalty and loved it. He intersperses history with the right hint of satire and it makes for a very enjoyable read.

Then read Elmore Leonard- he is sooo one of my favourite writers. Re-read the first book I had read written by him - Tishomingo Blues - god wotta read! The lead protagonists are grey (never black and white) and there is a drug mafia fight happening during the course of a Civil War re-enactment. Then came 'In Honey's Room' - set in 1940's America about German spies in the States and the story is well about Honey :)

'Elsewhere' by Kal Friese is a collection of India essays. Some are completely inane and some are bloody brilliant. There are two which in my mind stand out. One an essay on Kashmir by Sonia Jabbar and the other a story on the Bhopal tragedy. Beautiful stories and it stirs the heart.

Alex Frater's book - 'Chasing the Monsoon' is another interesting read. It is full of technical details and Alex basically chases the monsoon from Kerala to Cherrapunji. I think the climax at Cherrapunji was brilliantly written and it certainly had more emotion than most parts of the book. (On a strange note, as I finished reading the book, the monsoons restarted here in Bumbai)

I am currently reading 'The Polyester Prince' by Hamish McDonald. My father and me were very keen to read this book for obvious reasons. As I read it, I am coming to know why it is banned here. :) I bought it off the streets so anyone wants it just ask me and will give after I finish reading.

That is it from me. The rain pounds against the windowpanes at my bedroom. Its time to snooze ladies and gents. Bonne nuit.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My identity

A walk on a promenade is supposed to be innocent..allowing your mind to free float and not think too much. A walk is just that..a exercise your legs and relax maaro after lunch. I was alone and walking towards the NCPA promenade….got swept away with the beauty of the sea and the seascape to be honest. My mind was relaxed and happy. I crossed the road and continued walking.

This man, whom I will never see for the rest of my life, commented on my boobs. I wasn’t sure if he did or not and as always prefer ignoring bullshit thrown in my face like. I am astounded that this man standing in one of the busiest business districts of Mumbai, wearing the clothes of a driver had the audacity to say something. I should then slap myself because I am presuming and assuming on class boundaries which don’t mean much anyways.

Women in this part of town are corporate women, each day I pass girls/women wandering around in corporate attire or not, talking the talk and walking the walk. So where do men get off treating women as nothing more than sexual objects? All this sometimes feels like bullshit and that man contributed to making me feel that the size of my boobs defined me. I was angered at the notion. I was sooooo tempted to make an equally crude remark back at him but I desisted first because I wasn’t sure if it was aimed at me and second because I thought of the consequences of my saying something.

Last Sunday, I and my sister ran away from this strange man who was staring at us intently. My sister later said that we should have given it to him with the umbrella that she was holding and in retrospect I was like fucking hell, we should have definitely done that.

I know who I am and what I represent. I think I speak for most women who are confident and walk where men have walked before boldly. It is society at large that tends to forget…

Friday, July 04, 2008


Daughter: Mom?
Mother: Haan, what happened?
Daughter: Err…I just called
Mother: What happened?
Daughter: Well, I was remembering how you came to meet me in Manchester.
Mother: Hang on a moment ..the garbage lady has come…I need to go give the garbage..hold on..
Daughter: Yes yes, holding on
(After a minute)
Mother: Haan..tell me now..
Daughter: I remember thinking how brown you seemed amongst all the goras. I made you walk in the rain and you yelled at me for making you do that. I remember sitting with you in the garden and taking a photo of you …you were giving that fake smile and I made you laugh and you looked so nice..
Mother: Yes, it was a wonderful time.
Daughter: I just called to say I love you
Mother: (The awwww in her voice) Have you reached office yet?
Daughter: No no I am on my VT actually..
Mother: Okies..kanna..Take care…
Daughter: Yes Mom..Byee..