Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rakhi Sawant and some other musings

Read what Rakhi has to say and be amazed that women like this exist..I don't know wot more to say...abt Rakhi, u shd do will change perspective on life..:)

SB is finally moving into her new place and hallelujah to that..Always believe movg is place, adjusting, moving on..losing touch and the family tends to go a bit mad abt things..I remember when we moved house, its been 1 1/2 was like a fucking madhouse...parents fought (as fucking always) and I cried (as fucking always)....that was a rough day and well things went back to normal..but to have a room and share with sistah is a super duper experience.....nice view..we can see sunset over the slums..part of Mumbai life but nicee eet ees..

Went to Dee's place last nite, got high..drank 2 full glasses of wine..tequila, Pinacolada...nicee nicee nice eet was...planning another round today...mite or mite not happen..bloddy tmmrw dry day as well..its been nice this weekend..have relaxed and thought abt life more than any other time..spoke to Dee too after such a long time..that was nice...talked abt work, sex,men (imp things as u can c!)...niceness...

That is how I have been feeling for sometime especially at work (Left) ..but well its been better since then..hallelujah...and now I feel (Below) :)

Life is nicenesss sometimess.....

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Neha said...

one more *hug* kits!