Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Monday nite daru and Wed morng run

Yes, daru on Monday nite..t'was quite satisfying...ppl I knw exclaimed..daru on Monday nite!! Arre kyaa karega...ichaa thi aur fulfillment bhi hua! A couple of shandies with Denise, my love...Prawns from Lambas and some desultory conversation - life felt good on a Monday....

Went for a run this morng. Nice it was...the sky was gorgeous..clouds lined up in neat rows...the sun peeping out once in a gulmohar had faded a bit..But the tree at the end of that road was in full bloom...the one outside my hall window looks phatte too..Kite flying..BMC guys have cut tree branches along my running trail and I could smell the green leaves...the smell of cut grass/leaves is intoxicating like the smell of mud aftr tht first rain! I want it to rain only to smell that :D

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