Friday, May 25, 2007

Endorphins,transplantation and other things

No run/walk this morng so obs no endorphins! Sucks ass! Coz I come into work feeling like I should not have gotten up at all! Blehpfft completely.

I have been wanting to write abt transplantation. Tree transplantation ie but need time to think about what I want to say and how I should present it. Trees every morning when I am running, nature walk time, makes me think abt this thing called tranplantation which is supposed to balance out all the ills of cutting trees down in one location and planting them somewhere else. Anyways, this deserves a bigger post than just a paragraph in a random post.

Met Dee, Sat and Vigs yest. Had some howlarious moments. Friends r so important in life. (How fucking understated can I get??) But seriously moments in life are made up of these times when you meet friends, share laughter and 'stories'. 'Stories' is a very nice to tell people things about what is happening in their lives. Anything can be a story as long as u keep saying,"Mera story sun na!" (Bow to Sat!)

My mommy didnt keep food fr me last nite :( We had to borrow dahi from the neighbour's so I could eat staple S Indian diet food - dahi, rice and mango thoku. :) Went fr walk with Mommy and Papa (my sistah not my Dad). Was telling Vigs as well that Papa is gng to be Papa for the rest of her life and she is going to be called Papa Mami...Hhahahhahahhhaahahah..tht is too much. :D Like I am going to be, on second thoughts, don't think am going to write that here! :D


Neha said...

i cld spell it out for you :D ... but then you wldnt display my comment, so instead i'll just laugh! ...itching to though ... lol

quirkycase said...

wtf! I spent 2 years in kalina and never thought of it that way...