Thursday, May 24, 2007


I had a very tiring day yest. Went to University @ Kalina (which btw I realised is a superb make out place - no experience yet but think shd be tried out so recommendation it is to aam junta) to correct papers. Corrected the baccha partee's papers, moderated 9 more of Kurush's and got the grand sum of 160 bucks for conveyance granted to me by the University. Used to be 80 bucks but well tis 160 now...Hallelujah to that!

Then, went onto work to Powai. Fucking commuting is so tiring. Anyways, did some GRE words (expatiate and expiate - checked the book coz I had forgotten!) and then took rick to work. Did some stuff, got bullied into going fr dinner to Mangiferra (which became Zenzi somewhere along the line). Had excellent Chivas sour and Zenzi wok beef! The beef makes me salivate even now. Totally soft, succulent the flesh was in this sauce which was awesome.

Saw celeb types. I find it very interesting how when we meet them, they seem so normal. U pretend its all normal and good. I try not to gush- feels wierd. I don't know how ppl generally react to celebrity types but whenver I have met, I try to avoid gushing and act like they r normal ppl types which is a wee bit difficult but well think its all good in some universe.

Made myself get up and go running. Why? The endorphins - I think abt those and push myself off bed. Wot a wierd person I am!! :D Thought abt work while I walked today. Got those nice days happening so didn't want to push my luck too much. Hate wearing trackpants when I go running/walking. The material fucking flaps against my legs and it annoys me intensely. But today was somewhat glad as I think avoided the usual rickshaw men stares. :)

Am gng to Vashi today to meet friends - Dee, Sat, Vigs and shit I forgot to tell Bronzoe abt it. Rectifying tht rt now. Adieu world.

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