Thursday, May 10, 2007

The run

I forced myself out of bed today for my run. Reminded myself that I would get only 30 mins of extra sleep so naturally body say get up and do run! So got up and did run and found myself out of breath...I was wondering why it was like that..same pace, same route..difference in my body..had a cancer stick yesterday and also probably ate too much..guess that made the difference..and I could feel it - not a good thing to happen.

During the run, I see all these amazing things...I don't know if people notice it or not during their walks..coz everyone seems really focused on their walk without appreciating what is around them..focus is good but a lil apprecation goes a long way I think.

There is a canopy of trees near Diamond Garden and I love running under it..A gulmohar silhouetted against a pale blue sky near the Golf course, the sun itself hiding behind the clouds near Deonar. The sun played hide n seek with me yesterday. Nice - dazzling warmth first before it disappeared...was bootiful...felt like sharing with Dee (whose busily trekking in the Himalaya!)


Anil P said...

What colour are the gulmohars?

Kits said...

Orange and red and they loook gorgeous as hell!