Monday, May 21, 2007

My weekend

I had a super duper weekend. Haven't studied and hopefully shd make up for it this week. Gotta finish Mathss.....(bawwwl!!) Anyways, sistah and me made Mushroom for Sat lunch. Listened to gaana waana, slept, played Spider Solitaire (cracked the Difficult mode btw :D) and raat ko went with Cutlet to see Metro and eat pav bhaji at Sadguru. Loved Metro man..wot a phatte movie. Everything in that film spoke to me. Shilpa Shetty looked v hot and man she did she act. Compare this with Baazigar and u knw she has come a very long way! Irfaan was super and so was Konkona of course! That scene with him on the horse...way too funny it was. Kay Kay was an assshole and he was superb at playing that...overall I liked it.

Sunday morning started v v early. Got up at random time in the morning and went with V to Mahim Nature Park for a BNHS organised nature walk. Learnt so much abt trees (yes sounds funny but Boy u can be happy now..I can write abt more treees now!! :P) Awesome tha...fucking hot but still was very nice.

Director saab who took us around was an asshole who loved the sound of his own voice too much. He would not stop. Blehpfft and he asked V and me if we were on a pvt trip when we went looking fr shade when tht idiot stopped rt under the sun's glare!! I was of course dying to say yes but resisted!

Anyways, had a nice time and saw some awesome trees I have never seen like this thing called 'Weeping Palm'. The palm had these berry like things hanging frm it and the berry like things formed a circlet which became a cocoon like places for bats to sleep in. That was niceness indeed! Left there and went to say bye bye to Pranks :)

Did the tatas and then had to grab a cup of kapi which was needed while V wanted a pint of beer :) So of course did tht and then went dancing at this place called P.U.L.S.E next to Temptations. They have just opened the place up apparently. Very weird going dancing around 5.00 pm in the evening but once u r inside, its all the same rt. Had niceeeness time :D Got home, woke myself up fr food and slept off. Got up and got those endorphins for my body which makes me feel very very good.

Song running thru head - Busta Rhymes with Mariah Carey - I know what you want!! Bloddy listened to it yest and bas now cant get it off my head..hate it and love it at the same time it happens. :)

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