Friday, May 18, 2007

The kid with the staring eyes n other asides

This morning as I stood waiting for my bus, a usual suspect Aunty came. She normally stands there reading her newspaper until her bus is almost upon her and she then obs runs for the bus. Anyways this morng, there were 2 kids hanging around there, probably 5-6 yrs old. One of them caught hold of the bus pole, smack dab opp the aunty and stared at Aunty while eating something or other from a piece of paper.

She stared and stared..Aunty is nothing unusual to look at but the kid would not stop staring. She stared at me and I stared back at her and I was the first to look away I admit. There is not much deep significance in this but well felt that kids are about the only ones who can stare at adults and pretty much anyone/anything for any amount of time and most importantly get away with it!

I mean if I stared at random person/if random person stared back at me, I would totally give killer look esp if random person is a man, something I have of course done in the past. Its nice to be a child - ur cossetted and then u become an adult and fall into that hell called society (very very old Jaipuri joke abt corpses and children and adults and society comes to mind but as usual I can't rem....Boy, pls do comment with appropriate line :P)

I spoke to Pranks last nite. She is leaving city fr Hyd and I am going to miss her. I don't meet her very often when she is here and now its gng to get worse. I am therefore planning to go to Hyd soon (which means in 3-6 mnths in any case).

Am planning to go to Pune in a bit as well to meet Shevde and AP - her kids more than her...:D Wld be nice to do that. I like taking a break frm this city..It drives me around the bend at times. Too much effluvia (GRE word) floating around - in fact I would say u shd get away frm B'bay every 3 mnts- varna jeena mushkil ho jaata hai. Akshay has gone to Goa...I so envy him :(((

Sheece had mentioned to me earlier, that this yr he has been to places he has never been to in his life. Me too :D Kashid (revisited twice), Jaipur, Pune (going back to old fond memories of times with Maddie, Mun and Man), Hyd (yes yes I shall go there but still) and well for NY I want to go Mahabalipuram/Goa...That is for sure....I must go to Mahabalipuram...that has been one of my dream destinations forever...let's see how that maps out.


Boy said...

When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults and they enter society, one of the politer names of hell. - Brian Aldiss

Neha said...

i lv effluvia!