Monday, May 21, 2007

Isn't this niceness?

Am walking on a cracked pavement, late in the evening, along streets that follow like a tedious argument. I have to meet someone today..has been a long time. He said he'll see me at that non descript pub in the ghettos where they say....happy hours run till real late....."Happy"...i repeat to myself, half mocking, half amused as i walk now.

Has been a cold December this, unusually cold. I shrug and push my gloved hands deeper into the pockets of my inexpensive thick black coat as I pass through lanes of shanties, and houses with window panes,covered in yellow and black of city soot.

I realize I am late and i quicken my heavy shoes disturbing the puddles of water from the showers that lashed the town a couple of hours ago...unseasonal rains are not always welcome.
From a distance i catch the neons of the pub...the bright lights an anomaly in the dark drab of the setting. My steps quicken till i reach the window of the pub. Peeking through, i catch a figure,in a thick black coat, like mine, with its back against me, sitting at the corner table, a cloud of smoke around it....

So, he's already here...

I push open the fidgety door, to the odor of alcohol and cigarettes and damp interiors. It takes me a while to catch the feel of the place, and the voice of eddie vedder as "Alive" plays on the jukebox. I start pushing my way through the tables and men in stupor. Amused i am as i catch the pretty waitress flashing superfluous smiles at almost everybody around. I thought i'd smile for the sake of courtesy but can't manage the effort when she greets me. Will a good tip compensate that? What shit of a thought. Damn...i don't need a debate on this right now.

Oh...I am just about there at the corner table.....its time.....I clear my throat and call out to the man.......with my name..

He turns his face....a familiar one.....very familiar...its mine.

I am meeting myself and we are going to talk....for its time for some introspection.

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shubhada said...

Niceness indeed :). Though I would meet me at Lucky's or a nice Udipi which serves good sambaar.

Neha said...

ooh nice!