Monday, May 07, 2007

A rousing weekend

I did super stuff this weekend - didn't study...bad bad bad!! But had too much phun and considered it my holiday from GREgiri! Anyways, Sat went to see Spidey (after much fight by Sat) and hated it. T'was too boring for my liking..Fucking Peter Parker cried too much, wot a wuss...felt like dng slep to him everytime...Sandman was too cool though..too much drama and not enuf action like a good movie..

Then went dancing to Rock Bottom..had a super duper time there....:D

Yest went to see Bheja Fry, had heard shit loads abt it and wasnt disappointed at all. Fuckng awesome flick tha..did dinner with Sat at The Golden Wok in Khoparkhairane (the dark side of Vashi, in case u didn't knw, nah just exaggerating)...Anyways, supppppppppper foooood it was..I am salivating thinking abt it..A soup featuring crab meat, prawns, tofu, mushrooms and chicken....followed by Mixed Bamboo Rice (highly recommended) and squid in chilly and garlic too gooood....

I have become this prawn and calamari them both..and am dying to learn how to cook them properly :D

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