Monday, May 14, 2007

My weekend

I had a very nice weekend. I relaxed, rested, slept and cooked and studied Geometry. Accha tha! I cooked Misal Pav with my sister fr lunch on Sat and well except for the fact that we could not put loads of chilli powder and it was a wee bit too yellow (coz of the turmeric overdose) but apart from that for a first time, it came out really good.

Raat ke liye we made Tomato Soup with a Twist. We went the whole hog with the croutons etal. Niceness it was!! :D The recipe came from here.

Then of course things had to get balanced out on Sunday where we had rasam and cabbage prepared by my dearest mommy! :) I mean from all this nice khana to rasam and cabbage - the pits eet ees! But sistah and me survived to tell the tale I guess.

Bhel and random relatives in the evening..and oh yeah, I read this most amazing book 'Spell of the Tiger' by Sy Montgomery. Kyaa phatte book tha. I loved it and am under the spell of the tiger for sure now! Bonobibi and Daskin Ray are as much part of this book as the tigers are. The tiger stories freak u out...leaping 20 feet in the air, jumping onto boats to get to their human prey amongst other things..I mean, that is some crazy shit! But the amazing thing is you read the book and you believe in the tiger cult yourself and realise the importance of the tigers to the ecological system of the Sunderbans. Nice read and recommended for certain.

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