Tuesday, May 22, 2007


When someone dances, what does it mean? Jerky movements, moving to the rhythm of sounds/noise? Everyone dances differently. I have seen people do stupid stuff in the name of dancing and they r having phun while doing this. Yet, its much more than that. Its like listening to something inside of you and moving to your body to that inner beat. Its awesome. I love it.

V dances very interestingly. He is too cute when he does these steps. Totally Hindi filmy steps and his face - those expressions are too much...have a stupid grin on my face rt now. Its the nicest thing in the world to dance with someone who knows 'how to' dance.

Its really wierd - I used to be able to go down (pls to be taking in the correct sense, dhanyavaad!) while dancing. Now having become err..healthier, its a wee bit difficult. My 25 going on 26 knees hurt! Sadness it is and I need support if I am manage it the right way. Earlier it was one good sinuous movement. Hhahahaha...fucking makes me sound like a snake but well it works like that in any case.

I don't know where I got to do dancing like the way I do..The parents didn't give it to me. Maybe it is the Katlic influence. :D That is most certainly possible I think. Remember head banging to Prodigy in my younger years. Oh man, Tasha and me would go insane and my hair used to be like Saibaba in those days so it was phunnny and phun at the same time.

I want to go learn salsa and V has agreed thankfully (actually didn't doubt that he would) :D Hopefully shd start in a mnth or two when Salsa Liz starts her Sat-Sun classes. Dee wants to as well so have informed her of a possible salsa partner. Let's see what she says.

Song of the moment - Busta Rhymes with Mariah Carey - Baby, I know what you want....

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