Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hmm...wot should I say about this? I had a gtalk nick says it all. It was the beach and wot it represents. Brings out the philosopher and the philistine (just had to use that word - GRE strikes) in me. Liked the place where we stayed...oh those prawns- too good those were!! :D

Kashid was about taking time off, relaxing, drinking (which I didn't do much of until Sun afternoon - the vodka which permeated my sweat - slightly yucky picture but I swear I could smell the Green Apple vodka on me on Sun evening) amongst other things..I slept a lot which was good..slept on the beach under the moonlite - felt like a fucking spotlite was on...bootiful spotlite neverthless :)

Sat evening sunset - I hope I have the words to describe it. I dragged the boys to the beach arnd 4.30..went into the water..expected glorious got overcast however. I saw blue bands of light (someone give me a scientific expln fr this one) through the sun kissed clouds.I could see the sun on the bits of light...then suddenly I can see an edge of the oval which was lit up - dark golden boootiful it was....The skies put on a show for us!

There are moments from the trip which are making me smile stupidly right now :)

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