Monday, May 28, 2007

My weekend

I had oh man nice weekend. Don't know where to start. Think I packed my Sat-Sun into yest so am still recovering from it. Cuz's shaadi - toh Sat ko baarat/reception (Yes, yes, South Indian types don't have baaraat but he is NRI type so he wanted to sit in his fucking yellow BMW, wear dark glasses and dance and its his shaadi so who are we to complain!) Did some naach, ate dosas (std fare when I go receptions now) and generally got home pooped.

Next morning aka Sun morng shaadi ke liye sari-wari pehenkar hum nikhal padhe! Bride didn't smile one bit also. Tres wierd but guess with all the accoutrements she felt very uncomfortable and tired out. Fruit salad at luncheon was stale (basthurds gave us Sat ka fruits- so much for Rajashekhar's famous catering. Hmph!

Then to some extent weekend really started. Watched Shootout..Kyaa khataranaak movie hai boss! Hhaahhaha...Fucking awesomeness, I could talk better than Aarti Chaabria, Dee could hit fish better on macchiwala's head (Amrita Singh rtc), Sat for sure could say better dialogues than Amitabh and fucking Sanjay Dutt together (which he went on to do at Golden Wok!) Man, loved Viveik (beedi liting and dialogue baazi was too much) - he was the only redeeming factor in the film.

Followed this with dinner at Golden Wok - kyaa phatte food milta hai udhar. Man, have been there twice and v v satisfied. We talkd abs shit and generally were the 'softest' (Hint: sarcasm at play here) table in the fucking restaurant. Man, had this amazing dish called 'Sea War' - prawns, oysters, shrimp and other seafood things in a thick sauce with Bamboo Rice. Dessert decided by Dee - Honey Noodles with Vanilla icecream. Man, that icecream was fab - kyaa maloom kyaa daala tha usme!!

Went for a drive with some insane boys. They did racing which led me to havg heart in mouth types. Lord knws wot speed we were doing. I was high as a kite (with no alcohol of course) - that makes it a special kind of high. No freaking booze on the weekend. Accha tha..shall make up fr it this weekend at Pune :)

Spent time with V. 2 hours of sleep. Some things better left unsaid (grin on face)...

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