Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What does the Queen of England eat for breakfast?

Tough one. Before we were able to pluck the answer out of the WWW ether, we found what Americans, Ontario children, monks, the Pope, astronauts, Australians, the Hulk, Thais, mermaids, Koreans, southerners, South Beach dieters, and everyone else eats for breakfast. As if we wanted to know. Finally, this from "Harper's":

"It was revealed that the Queen of England often eats cornflakes for breakfast out of a Tupperware container and that Prince Andrew loves to play jokes on the servants, especially by hiding a puppet called Monkey in a different place every day." (Notice we threw in the answer to the inevitable question: "What is the name of the puppet that Prince Andrew likes to hide?" as a bonus.)

Oh, and we found that the original Queen Elizabeth's breakfast might have been "manchet, ale, beer, wine, and a good pottage made of mutton or beef." (Thus providing another reason for her status as the Virgin Queen.) And finally -- err -- that's it.

And that, my friends, is what we here at Ask like to call "earning a living." Cheers.

Isn't this fabbbuuuloous stuff??

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Akshay said...

Hmm.. what did you have for breakfast today???