Monday, January 01, 2007

Back from Kashid

Moonlight so bright
Following my footsteps
The sea glistens
Calling to me
The night envelops the moon like a cloak
The wind whispers sweet nothings in my ear
The cool sand beneath my feet
I walk on dreaming of a better tomorrow

Coming back from Kashid, this is what I feel..I had a super duper blast. I drank, smoked and generally had a blast with da friends! Wheeee.....Drinking Sauvignon Blanc on a moonlit beach in Kashid with my friends....makes my life complete. RG suggested change in last line, "I walk on dreaming" which I quite like but am told that I can't make change in poetry once it is done!

Dee,Coo,Smiley,Vigs,RG,Srini - happiness u gave to me guys! I want to write a lot more so shall come back...just wanted to write this out before I collapse on my bed.

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