Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

If you click on that link you remember, like I did..a past and a childhood. I know almost every word of the song and the video brought back a flood of memories. Every child my age knows this song, I doubt if my sister's generation even knows it exists which they probably don't. National integration - wot a theme to talk about through music and it was luverly!

Man, me and Boy were sitting in rick going to Bandra and well we sang the whole fucking song in the rick which was crazeee stuff! Rick man must have thought we were quite mad I am sure! But was awesome and we followed this by singing hymns we had learnt in our convent schools! Funness tht was and then went home and got that funny firing from my mother tht day! :) So all good and worth it...

My best friend's Mom is in hospital. That family is like my 2nd family and I love all of them to death (as someone I knw keeps saying). Aunty V feeds me sorpatel and makes my life happy. The mosquitoes in their garden love me too :P But apart from that, she has been my dearest friend for donkey years and we are planning to celebrate 10 yrs of our friendship this June when we met for the first time! :D

What the heck would I do without DML is my question? I mean she has been with me through thick and thin literally. We have been bridesmaids together for Cutlet's wedding and been through so much crap together. Both the basthurds don't let me forget all the crap we have done together! Love them both too much! A prayer for Aunty V, my second Mom from me! God bless her....

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