Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some howlarious stuff

So my friends have been discussing Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother and Abhiwarya saga furiously over emails and some of the stuff people have been sending me is howlarious stuff man! People have got too much time on their hands and by this I mean the people posting stuff on websites and writing articles about Mme Shetty in England!

Some quotes which I simply could not ignore and thanks to Anew and Man for this brilliant stuff:

Abhiwarya saga first:
  1. "when news started coming about them ... i was shocked like others but it was good fun... to be couled as two heavy waights .. ash heads off to you ... salman ... then another dude and finnaly mr abhishek ... i remenber you said sometime your life is experimental well .. good experiment this time .... both of you i dont like much and you guys are prooving worth ... framkly says .. in age of early 30 you have doen what you were sopposed to be doen .... god bless you guys .."
  2. "doom has spread over abhishek and family from yesterday. need i say more. we need to pray more for bachans than we did for them during COOLIE acident"
  3. "It's called Perfact Match, King found queen. Congratulations."
Shetty in Big Brother House:

You can click on link on title to get more on that but some precious quotes from the Telegraph here:
  1. That there had "undoubtedly been a cultural and class clash between her and three of the British females in the house". (No fecking shit!)
  2. The Indian government has also indicated that it plans to raise the issue with Britain after the treatment of the Bollywood star featured in newspapers and television news in the country. (This is howlarious truly)
  3. The scenes from the programme have sparked protests in India, with demonstrators filmed burning effigies of “Big Brother organisers” in the street. (What the fuck for??)
  4. "We note recent events in the Big Brother programme which provide an interesting reflection of today's society. - Commission of Racial Equality (Hhahahhahahhhahhhaa - sissy statement typical of Commissions and the like)
So like I said some unbelievable stuff from people!

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Akshay said...

I like the 2nd point in the Shilpa Shetty case.. It seems like our government has nothing better to do but these things.

Abhiwariya.. all I can say..they look good together.. but it has been discussed too much and I think the topic should stop now :P.