Wednesday, January 10, 2007

IPhone is here..god how geeky can I get??

Its gng to cost 27,000 bucks but man oh man I feel like saving up rt now so I can buy it....They r gng to kill the market man! Totally mobile (pronounced the American way)!! It is going to become the ultimate thing to own I tell u!!



Akshay said...

I bet it is going to cost way more than that.. when it comes to India which is going to sometime after June 2007. I think it is going to blow the competition when it comes out. Btw do you use any other Apple products, except Ipod?

anticaps said...

27,000 on the road in crawford market, innocent one. try 60,000. doesn't matter. it's not everyday that you're innocent. it's endearing in limited doses.