Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Things that happened to/with me

So I have been meaning to write for sometime and finally got the chance to do it! So random stuff has been happening...a first of a few number of incidents for me...

Let's start with the most relevant and go onto random ones...

I went to Mango on Saturday nite and there was a sale on. Saw something I liked and thought abt it. It had been folded up and this was about 8.30 ish in the nite which means shutting time. There was a salesgurl next to me and I asked her, "Do you have a larger size"? She goes No. So was like ok and was fiddling around it when she turns to me and says," Mam I just folded that, we r closing shop and if you need help with something can you please ask?" I was like Sorry and I left. Basically I got told off in case anyone didn't get tht! Was like wtf a bit and was man kyaa attitude dikhati hai types!

Yesterday travelling in the rick, the dude had a First Aid kit in the rick. I was a wee bit shocked and happy. His rick was posh and by posh here I mean, like things that were there like this first aid kit box, hold-ons like in the bus on the sides and a holder for newspapers and magazines. I was curious enough to ask him why he had a kit box. He said,"Shauk hai". Told him it was good and then well was morbid enough to ask if it had ever been used and he said yes and qualified it further with "Hamare liye naheen". :)

This morning at 6.00 fucking am I got a call from a child asking me if," Teacher aaj shaala hai aahe ka?" I was so fucking zonked. Its howlarious now but well then it sure as hell wasn't!

Can't remember the other stuff now but these 3 stand out in my head! Laters at work and doing this a wee bit furtively!

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Akshay said...

Well I have never seen a rick like that either.. interesting. So teacher 'aaj shaala aahe kay'?? Njoy have a fun filled day at work.