Friday, January 12, 2007

About parents...

A friend in the States wanted some stuff sent to her. So she has asked mutual friend to get it to her. I am also a conduit in this procedure (makes me sound like a drug dealer). So went over to friend's house, love her mother btw and am gng to kidnap her one day! :) Her parents were so happy to see me that it struck me about how lonely they were. Of course they had each other but boss, it is the not the same with the children not being around!

A conversation a day later with another friend who was worried about his parents as well strengthened my feelings about this. Most middle-class and upper middle class children want to leave here and go abroad. Aakhir idhar rakha kyaa hai types is general junta's attitude, although I am sure people will dispute me on this. There are myriad reasons and the most important one is the material one!

Money sure as hell makes the world go around and our parents sacrifice shitloads of things so we can get the best for our future. They readily give their children up to the evil clutches of the West (exaggerated) which of course the kids embrace whole heartedly! Such is life....What happens to the parents that get left behind...most of our parents are nearing their twilight of their lives. Its like my dear darlingest mother tries to emotionally blackmail me especially abt marriage! Bah! (That was an aside) They tell themselves let the kids do well and all that crap and send them away.

End of story, parents are left to fend for themselves and manage. Kids of course support financially and do the cursory I shall come home for Xmas and New Year crap. So the grandchildren when they come home for the first time see their grandparents and get thoroughly confused and hassled about the well meaning neighbours who of course just want to cuddle the children!

I sound cynical I realise but well its true...When we make that move abroad,. we do worry about our parents and its taken for granted they are going to be there no matter what! We settle into our life, do the marriage thing, get the kids and so on life goes..until shit happens in India...When do kids abroad come home from a well settled life there - to visit the parents, when there is a death and maybe when there is a marriage! Harsh but true.

I loved my visit and want to keep doing that..coz it brings me joy and brings them joy too. But I am busy too and my Mom constantly is at me for not spending enough time in my own house. But when you can make that difference you should and that is that according to me.

Funny incident that happened last nite ( Funny in retrospect) - I went out and got back at 1.00 am or random assed time like that. Of course my mother was up and she said something so dramatic (still think it sounds that) - "You should stop doing this or you should quit". I almost asked her quit wot and then desisted coz that would have led to the inevitable fite so pretended she wasn't there or I was somewhere else and went to sleep. All was well in the morning in any case so wheee to that I guess....

That is it from me for tonite. Joy to the world, the lord has come...I was singing this along with the bastards last nite in the rick when I was coming home and right now certainly feel like that only!

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