Sunday, January 21, 2007

Anda for breakfast and other household chores

I used this

to make this

So today after 6 million years, I made anda for breakfast within the joyous confines of my own house and man wot a kick tht is to do! For those who came in late, my building doesn't allow cooking of non-veg items (all crap that is) and my mother is very strict abt making even eggs in the house. So taking advantage of my mother's temporary absence, I hit upon this brilliant idea to make omlettes for myself, uncle and sistah. It was consumed with great joy along with a cup of nice filter kapi :)

I made pasta and did hazaar other household things which when my mother is present, cannot be bothered to do! Responsible aren't I?? Niceness eet ees to be without parents, reminds me of my lazy Sundays in Manchester doing my thing after a v v nice nite out on Sat...Wheeee...

My mood today is


Akshay said...

Hmm eggs.. yummy.. mujhe bhi chahiye.. yours is a weird building..cant make non-veg food?? weird..

anticaps said...

hey, yeah, i'm totally more responsible when my parents aren't around.

we had this new year's party at my house a couple of years back - one where i famously got sloshed and passed out :) - and when i woke up the next morning, the first thing i did was to start clearing up!!!

and you have to see what my mom has to go through to get me to do that on a normal day.

sheece said...

build with no non veg... are u living in a nightmare?