Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Back from my weekend at Hyderabad. Insane city eet ees :) Malls abound, greenery, Hindi speaking Gulti junta and of course Asia's largest Reebok store! Yes, I kid u not...I saw this- 3 fucking floors of Reebok in Hyd and a couple of brands I haven't seen even in Mumbai - some fancy ass name like Lladro n another tht escapes the mind rt now! Fucking, there is even a Wedding Mall (which I didn't tell my Mom abt - surprise surprise) and a Sari Mall too!! Wot the heck is the world coming to!

Traffic tht could rival Bumbai's soon is there too. Construction - not too mindlesss but don't knw how long the city is gng to last if it keeps at it like that. Loved the rickshaws there- yellow in colour but so bootifully painted at the back nice it was. Hopefully my fotus will come out so junta can c wot I am talking abt. Slite mishap with camera where roll has rolled back :( so am praying to gods tht I don't lose fotus...

Had a nice 3 days there..drank so much on 1st day (by my standards) and was out by 3 am. P, C, S finished up at 6 am I was informed the next day. :D I feeel so oldddddddddddd! :( Anyways, next day wanted to go see places but P was hesitant given the blasts had occured a week back. So we grabbed a rick and he was nice fellow - we made him our tourist rickshaw. :D He took us to Charminar n then to Hussain Sagar (totallly loved tht place and remembered Murty's Hussain Sagar story of course) The Buddha there looked like he was dng a Heil Hitler (no offence to Buddhists n other secular junta out there)

So every time I saw something I made rick man stop..P didn't even bother and took fotu frm inside rick. Rick man must have been like insane Mumbai types hai..Spending time with P was amazing..she is one of my closest friends frm college- a yr younger but batty as hell and Maths major and Acturial Sciences and all tht jazz and looking at her of course no one is ever gng to think tht. Wondrous it was to spend quality time with her. Love u P :)

That done, went back home and then met Item and R in evening. R is one of those ppl I wish I had met earlier in my life. She is gng away to study and well u knw how eet ees..U meet someone and u think wtf man..why didn't u knw this person earlier coz yur life wd have been richer for sure fr knowing tht person but am glad I met her! V funny she is and v sarcastic too (Everyone knws how 'unsarcastic' I am!)

Seeing Item was loads of phun. She is phundoo and v v funny (unintentionally of course) Next time, we do the vishesh tipni thing tht u desperately wanted to do :P Oh yes U can find Item here btw and also here. She is all over the place isn't she?? :P

Anyways, luncheon over and S departed leaving us chiks to go to Shilpagram. Much like Dilli Haat eet ees. Bought pretty green sari fr Momma and a ganapati statue tht spoke to me :) Flites got delayed so entry back wasn't as smooth as going away was. Got back pooped and was an effort to get up next morning. But tis done and now I am dreaming abt Goa where Cutlet will cook fr me and daru awaits :)

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