Monday, September 24, 2007

My weekend

My weekend started on Friday, seems to be the trend these days. :) Went to Kandivali (jesus christ wot a trek that was!) Anyways workwise we had a stall at Thakur College so went there and did stall duty. Studied some GRE and since it took forever, finished like a chapter in Math. So not bad! Anyways, did thing there and then K came along in the latter half of the day. He fought thru an army of 17 yr olds to get me kapi and I thought tht was v svit of him :) Anyways, finished up and then we were deciding wot to Spikey, moi n K. Decided to catch a flick and eat some khana. So dinner actually was had at 7.00 pm and you can read more abt dinner here.K told us some exciting stories abt his Dad n him which resulted in us laffing like idiots standing at the ground floor of Raghuleela so much so that I caught a couple of women staring at us open-mouthed :O

Spikey n me saw Manorama Six Feet Under – a more peculiar title I haven't heard in a while. Fab movie. Excellent acting and to top it all it was in Hindi! Abhay Deol gave a stellar performance as SV, the failed writer. But the direction n cinematography took the cake. Kyaa shots the usme – bhai wah kehne ke sivai aur kuch bol hi naheen sakte. Its a must watch and worth the 140 bucks we paid @ Fame. We changed seats after that to the 160 ones and Spikey had existential issues with this! :D

Watched the match Sat nite and omg wot an awesome match eet was! I would go as far as to say that after a long time we r playng like this and consistently at tht! Sreesanth rocked ass- he is a bit crazee in the head as my sistah said. Wot with all the hitting the pitch and yelling abuse at the batsmen! Yuvi of course was superlative. Something I kept sayg the whole nite thru is why the heck do we need those 3 buddhaos if as a team we r dng so well! There will of course be detractors to this but my point of view holds!

Sunday didn't dawn brite n early- hallelujah! :D Did brekkie and cheeled out. Wiped the gas (DD thing done for the week). Raat ko went to see Bourne Ultimatum at Imax with Spikey and K. I am touched they made the effort to come all the way from Kandivali :) Loved it. Action filled and total paisa vasool. Matt Damon rocks ass like seriously! Return to dinner @ Chembur was existential convo abt cinema's charm n rating cinema to the pt of ruining it! I think the taxi driver was screaming in his head – yeh mein kahan aa gaya hoon! Dinner, dropped them till Bandra and came home to see a magnificent movie called Aashiq Banaya Aapne.

Bejesus and other gods shd rescue me. My tolerance for trash is unbelievable. I mean bad bad bad bad...HR singing (mein mar kyon naheeen gayee!!) My sistah reckons scenes were cut. I am like who the heck wld cut wot from this movie. She said kissing scene. Aha went my head – it was on Sony or something. Tanushree Dutta is terrible – and I don't think that has changed since then. Emraan Hashmi keeps aping different ppl all the time. Sonu Sood has a deep voice n nothing else!

Anyways slept and dreamt abt flying buffaloes. Don't ask me why but just did :) I love crazee dreams. Imagination runs so high then its unbelievable. Another week has started ......

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