Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My weekend

Started Fri nite with S n T. Went out fr a couple of drinks and literally for me it was like tht. Got done with tht and next morning after much existential angst, managed to catch a 10.30 show of Ratatouille. Was fabbbbulooous. Loved the theme behind it and yenjoyed myself v v much like tht. For a 10.30 show the theatre had abt 20 seats left. Very nice graphics and very nice storyline too- perspective etal....

Did shoppin with Dee aftr tht- we bought the same pair of shoes- loverly green n beige they r! So kicked abt them!! Of course me and she bought similar tees as well :D Its v weird coz I was on this green trip yest and she told me (so weird tht I didn't knw this) tht she has this weird fixation fr olive green much like my blue fixation when I go shopping. I have known her for 10 yrs and didn't knw this abt her!

Anyways, we maxed Max out (as Mahmah said) then went fr lunch to Nandos. Purportedly African cuisine- bleh. For a one time experience it is ok but am not gng back there again for sure. It was like gng to TGIF the first time (in town) and getting chappatis instead of tortillas. So the ingredients r right but the style of cooking is still Indian. Tht sucks especially when u r paying good money for your food. Anyways, peri peri cuisine made Indian style is horrible.

Left and did more shopping. Dee bought a hat and we have come to the profound conclusion tht she is a hat person (checks out hats everywhere she goes)! So done with shopping homeward bound at 6 pm. Very nice eet was. Home at nite (wowwweee n on a Sat nite!) and then next morning dawned brite n early in my house.

Ordered pizza (Valentino's Delite) from Garcia's. V nice eet was- loved the sundried tomatoes bit -yumyum.. Dad made pulao and of course tried with with tomato pachidi (v nice eet was too). Slept 15 mins after luncheon and then went onto I-Rock happening at the Andheri grounds. It sucked- nothing more to say :( I wish I had seen I-Rock in its heydays when it was unsponsored and meant unadulterated rock instead of the corporate shebang it has become. I understand why FW sold out to some extent but feel its just crappy rt now.

Anyways, crowd was all under 21 and tht of course made us feel like dinosaurs. Everyone smoked and smoked up as well. There were a few mohawks around. Everyone gushed at PDV. They have celeb status amongst the crowd – their kind of music personally doesn't appeal to me but wotver. Chiks and guys all over these guys – 'excuse me, one pic pls'. The guys smiled politely and did duty. :) T took a fotu of the bassist's tattoos without realising who eet was :)

The Dinosaurs of Rock disappointed. FW – decent. Gary Lawyer was good. The chik Shazneen was terrible. She tried v v v v v hard but didn't make grade. The highlite for me – Zephretta live by Dem Clones. Was soo happpppppppppppy abt tht. A actually called up so he cd listen to them sing the song. Reminded me of the time Chris called me frm Holland to get me to listen to my fave Welsh band – Stereophonics. And of course how I missed tht call to my everlasting regret!

Ate tht bhurjee Haris keeps talking abt n pav bhaji at this roadside place near Amar Juice Centre, Irla. I loveeed it and tht Egg Tawa Pulao was to die for esp the aftertaste which we kept talking abt. My stomach didn't unfortunately agree and tis the end of my never begun love affair with tht place :(

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Spikedelik said...

Life is sometimes about second chances...:)

The Bhurji place, deserves one...esp in the light of the fact that u loved it...and no one else fell ill :D!!!

One more...who knows...it will all go good this time around!

I dunno why i do the ...'go eat @ Bhurji place' thing...but i know that...if i ever was to leave Bombay...it will be one thing that I'll miss the most!