Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scary times in Mumbai

I took permission from a friend before I posted this. To me, Mumbai has always been an extremely safe city. I have never felt threatened, scared of the fact that I am walking the street at 1.00 am in the morng or travelling a rick at random time alone in the nite. Then said friend sent me this. Please read - u can write it off as an one-off or be careful or wotver u choose to do. But it makes me angry tht my city has fallen prey to the Dilli syndrome. (No offence to Dilliwalas)

Said friend was alone with a gurl (who was driving) in car and got chased not by the cops but by random goons. Lucky escape did happen but if things had gone wrong, for sure, the friend would have not written this out here

The account reads like a film story and also because the places mentioned are familiar haunts. Read n don't fall hostage to the fear.

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