Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Myanmar, protests and their meaning in our lives

Myanmar - Burma of old- is witnessing something that sounds v exciting to me. I don't think it is exciting for the people there but they must be feeling hope. Hope for the 1st time that they might become free of the military junta that has been ruling them since a very long time. I don't know why I have been trying to track the Myanmar story but it feels like a country is coming to life again and experiencing hope and those faint stirrings of freedom.

It started with the rise of fuel prices and has in my eyes turned into something else. You should read more here


quirkycase said...

I have been following them as well. What a moving show of protest..

You might have read The Glass Palace..It is written in the period before the junta took over and the British left Burma..

Neha said...

another beautiful book is the Piano Tuner. set in old Burma during the British rule.