Thursday, September 13, 2007

BMW's n food

Me n Spikey went last to check out the BMW exhibition. Andy Warhol n Roy Lichtenstein have painted a couple of BMW's and they r on display at Jahangir till the 16th. So I decided tht I would go yest and knew if tht if I didn't go then I would never go. So went, and it was theek. Nothing spectacular but theek. Think the lighting was all wrong for that place and the full fundooness of the cars could not be appreciated. Some of the dinkys were way better with one having this on the dinky. She of course was in black n white on tht dinky.

Anyways, we wandered arnd another gallery where we stared at random things n left there soon. Dragged Spikey to Gateway to which he hasn't been to since as a child. He loved it of course! Since I love expounding on town, I did :) The Taj looked ethereal in the nitelite. Phir hum gaye food safari par. That u can to b reading here

Nice day eet was :D

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Spikedelik said...

Spikey fely good...
Spikey appreciates...
Spikey bows!