Monday, June 25, 2007

My weekend

Sometimes we live life by the fly, sometimes we plan. I had planned my weekend which most certainly didn't turn out to be as I expected for sure. Dad in hospital because of a multiple fracture on Fri nite..To get an ambulance so he could be taken to the clinic took me 3 tries. Goddamn painful it was and my sistah made the profound remark that people could die in those seconds. So true.

I rode that ambulance and now I know what it feels like to be inside one of those things as u try desperately to make sure yur loved one reaches the hospital. I felt that sense of urgency even though logically I knew there was no urgency. I mean, the traffic would not move at all, even with the ambulance making all those noises etcetc. Tres terrible.

Anyways spent the nite at the hospital. When Dad went in the previous times, I was too young to comprehend the significance of what it meant. So many things I thought about. The life ward boys lead cleaning pee and poo, helping patients, the nurse who comes from Keralanad, works in Andhra and has been in Mumbai for 2 weeks and speaks in Malayalam, people whose lives r being spent in hospitals, relatives - worried, caring, and of course the ever present spectre of money - how much have we spent, how much are we going to need...

As I waited with Mom for Dad to get out of the OT, people from inside kept asking for relatives of a small gurl. She had a heart problem and the people who had come with her were from outstation and looked poor to my city eyes (Like that phrase Sheece!) Anyways, the relief once the doc came out and said the gurl was ok was palpable. She had a heart problem and when they wheeled her out, felt so sad - so much suffering in this world. Sucks ass!

Anyways Dad is good, in ICU rt now for observational purposes. Mom is home and I am in the hospital room looking at a rain soaked city enjoying a respite. :)


Akshay said...

hey, Happy recovery to your Dad.

Neha said...

smile kits, it will be bright again :)