Monday, June 11, 2007

My weekend

I had a good n introspective weekend. Sat, went shopping for trax for salsa class which never happened. Tres triste it was! :( It apparently is starting next week if u really mad and was v v disappointed abt tht! But on the flipside, own a pair of Puma trax which I love..the Puma sign is in told sistah who has similar one that my Puma was better than her white one!! :)

Got a call at 3. Ended up going to HRC fr Channel [V]'s Launchpad gigs. Bronzoe's friend Rohan plays for this band called Human Abstract. They sang a damn cool version of Joanna (which Luke Kenny dissed!) and the lead vocalist was good too. Went further into town - Haji Ali - after that to a place called The Ghetto - nice artwork on the walls and relaxed atmosphere there. Went furtherer to Pollys for dancing...wheee...nice it was.....v v v nice indeed..after a long time and music hasn't changed although it was packed to the gills.

Hungry after that so went wandering in search of food. Bade Miyan I think has opened up a Sumo near the HDFC ATM around the corner. That sounds weird but basically he shuts shop at 1.00 am. He then opens out this Sumo thing and keeps it on and for sure the cops know abt it. Prices are atrocious like 60 bucks for a chiken roll and shit but well if u r hungry u want and u shall canshume!

Took cab in early hrs of the morng...Mom killed me on Sunday morning as I awoke like queen :) Usual shit and I think I needed that kick on my arse. Been neglecting my padhaai, so caught up with that big time. Padhaai kiya kal khoop sara...accha laga..gave a couple of tests..bad scores in Math so Matheran trip could be in jeopardy. Decided that don't particularly want to give it again so need to buck up and should keep the momentum up! Pray fr me guys :D esp that I go to Matheran :)

Tomato soup at nite and a walk this morng...was sleep walking..been too long since I did my endorphins thing!! Starting afresh today..I think :)

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