Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My weekend

Someone complained tht I hadn't written about my weekend. I didn't know my weekend was so looked forward to :P Anyways, last week was shitty man..fell sick and felt like I had died or something (I so love exaggerating!) Anyways, family did pampering..managed one day of office and at the EOD I felt like someone who had run deux marathons. So pooped I was and honestly just scraped thru the day. Anyways took day off..got well by Sat morning..and was the beginning of a long weekend.

Watched Paris Je T'Aime and Pan's Labyrinth. Phatte movies both of them. Paris Je T'Aime was a gorgeous movie (wrong use of adjective but dont care)..loved all the stories even the weird and wonderful Ms Lin story...:D Pan's Labyrinth was an unusual story and I can see why it won the Oscar. Its certainly a different level of thinking and you should read more abt it here or even better catch hold of the DVD or something.

Saturday went to enroll for salsa class. Paid money and of course decided we were going for dinner. Fuck, those Golden Wok guys gave us a table near the loo – I refuse to sit in a restaurant near the loo, thoda weird hai apart from all the bacteria floating around. So left and went to original choice – CL. Haven't been there in ages and had a wonderful time in fact with Chembur ki Rani and Shere-e-Chembur. Had a freaking awesome time. :D Did dancing and totally had a blast. We blocked people's views of the screen..fucking people come to pubs to watch games where clearly there is dancing shit happening..so good phun it was! Bloddy Rani and Sher watched golf- basthurds the pair of them! I was like fuckers, u can't come to pub and watch Tiger Woods playing..yeh ho naheen sakta!

Sunday- Probability in the morning (which I love btw!!) As I told Boy, wot eet ees yaar..some maths dude decides let's measure the degree of uncertainity that we feel about things..is that ball red or blue amongst those 25 balls etcec...awesome eet ees..mujhe pyaar ho gaya hai.. :D Dee's place for lunch – chicken and a couple of shandies..oh whiskey sour it was at CL (Loveee eeet!!) and yes had a v v nice time..thank u darling for that...:)

At her place, got a text from a v close friend from Norway – Renate. She held my hand in Ncl and generally was my mother there :D (Funny I always manage to find mothers fr myself in places but that is a different post and story!!) Anyways, she is going to be a mommy this Sept and I am going to be 'cool, nice aunt' – her words not mine. I am sooo happy and I actually called her and spoke to her yest. Man, after 2 years I heard her voice and she sounded so happy and giggly – her usual self basically. Man, I miss her totally. Its been 3 yrs since I saw her and felt so good talking to her and knowing she is going to be a Mom. :)

Day ended with more Math and well knowledge that it was back to work again which was actually not bad. :)

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