Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The What If Moments in life

These are the moments where that choice gets made between life and death, sex and happiness and other related things. I think they make life rather exciting and fun to live as well. Its that moment when u stop and think what if. P.s: hate what if moments when parents start btw! :D Anyways, these happen all the time I think and its rather fantastic to think that life would actually move differently if I chose one thing over another. These moments are 'delicious', 'tantalizing' and fuck if your imagination works, well another alternate planet of possibilities opens up.

I also wanted to use that set of words to describe things. But the alternate world of course has its own set of problems but those are all problems of the imagination so fuck that! I think in a day one should have a quota of infinite possibiliies to imagine and then deal with reality after that. Makes life a lil bit easier I would reckon. I am not propagating escapism but just a different set of rules allowing one to explore life's choices.

Think about it the next time you are having a what if moment..and allow yourself to make the choice from somewhere inside – against cool logic perhaps but it might end up giving you a momentary/permanent satisfaction that you never knew existed.

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