Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My view

I changed place and now look outside with tinted windows. :) Its bootiful right now with the wind blowing crazily. The trees are shaking violently and the rain is pouring down in sheets..its absolutely gorgeous out there..

3 options in this rain:

1. Stand outside and experience the elements
2. Cozy under the sheets
3. Alcohol/chai with bhajis/chiken (yum yum)

I am so glad I am inside the office :)


soulasylum said...

So cute that was. Could almost imagine the rain and sitting in Millenium Towers. Reminded me of the time before I flew out:)

Spikedelik said...

Not so cute...she shifted to a place beside me. And I been ill fer the past two days...nitemares haunt me at night...and I see apparitions in morning. Kitty on one side...Catwoman on other. Plus...Kits' studyin math. Oh shit I sed 'plus'! My pluse...I mean pulse is going weak!

This will be my famous last words I presume!