Monday, June 04, 2007

My weekend

Had decided 6 million yrs back tht I was going to go away to Pune this weekend. Deed accomplished! :D Took Volvo, went and saw this bootiful movie called ' Sirf Tum' starring
  • Priya Gill w ho cried thruout the whole movie
  • Sanjay Kapoor - why does he exist
  • Sushmita Sen - wearing diamonds and begging pyaar ki bheek
  • Salman Khan - blehpfft
  • Shagufta Ali - woh apne pati ko samajh naheen paati
  • Jackie Shroff - rick driver called Pritam who does one dance number
  • Mohnish Behl - who proposes marriage to Priya at a bus stop!
Sanjay Kapoor also mouthed lines like, "Meri pavithra hi mera bank balance hai!" I cringed and winced thruout the movie...I was on the first seat and well however hard I tried to ignore it, just could not!

Reached Pune, found phrainds...did bonding with S n K over chiken and amazing mutton! It has this amazing elaichi flavour..totally yummy! Went Vinnie, went to AP's place to see the baccha partee who were bootiful children. AP is an awesome mommy :D

Partied tht nite at Area 51 (built like a frigging spacecraft) ranged from shit to crap to good to crap all over again. 3 in the morning, put my head out of the car on an empty Pune road and screamed!! Wasssss funnnnn....totally awesome experience...also did deliberately a wee bit later to scare some random ppl walking on the road! :D Got home, did sleep...Sunday brunch at Not Just Jazz - a tradition by now..went to awesome Mochas at KP and man tht place was awesome...ordered brownies we didnt eat and fucking then got home...and then went trekking!!

Vinnie mavsi (she would kill me for this one!) took me to hill which we climbed precisely 60 minutes before I departed fr Mumbai...phatte it was..we went up on tht hill and screamed our lungs out...Sharad Pawar's brother's bungalow was at the foot of the hill. I think he mite have been a lil bit disturbed by the yelling :)

All in all, a good weekend- so nice to meet with friends and do random giri and relax and drink daru and bond :)


meow said...

Sounds like u had too much fun over the weekend :)

Do that more often.

Neha said...

oooh i like the new look :) sounds like a super fun weekend, right from sirf tum, which btw my mum loves, heh.