Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I am a cloud spotter and its nice to be one btw...which also means that sometimes other ppl think u r weird or crazy because you can see things in the sky that they don't see. For instance I went to Pune, sat on that hill and of course spotted half a torsoed man in the sky. My friend just could not see it! I tried twice or thrice but well guess some people just can't see it.

RG is also a cloud spotter. Rem the time we went to Murty's house and saw the most amazing things in the sky..and at Kashid also. Yesterday, I saw a baby dinosaur in the sky. My sistah could see it too. :D Makes me happy that there r other crazy ppl in the family. :D

RG sent me these links..pls be checking this and this.

Boootiful the 2nd link is actually..if u can see it that means u r crazzy cloudspotter too! :D All I say is welcome to the club fellow cloudspotter


Neha said...

oh i lvvv cloud spotting too! i can do it for hours. of crs ppl think am mad for it, but i tell them they hv no vision:D

Kits said...

Agreement :D