Friday, June 01, 2007

Life n death

Yesterday was absolutely amazing for me coz it was glorious rains. Thunder and litening ruled the skies and it was gloriously cool and booootiful. Loved it..sat on my bedroom windowsill and absorbed the elements...thought abt life and existentialism :P Smelled the rain, the wet mud (someone should bottle tht smell) and it was just bootiful.

Slept. Ghar ka fone rang at 11.30 pm (all late nite calls on ghar ka line signify shit happening) My Amma's sister,(I have always called my Mom's mom Amma, never my own mother...) Jaya periamma passed away yesterday. She of the Blue Jagger diamonds nose stud fame...who always reminded me of my Amma..I think my only connection left with my dearest grandmama left us. Sister and me r heartbroken. Mom didn't sleep..and we kept thinking abt it...I just feel regret because I had been wanting to visit her and kept putting it off and she is not there anymore..

She was petite and u cd crush hug her...which I have done in the past. A very sweet lady who brought up her 3 kids after she lost her hubby yrs ago. Think I got my nose stud inspiration frm her and always give her as my reference pt whenever someone mentions my nose piercing. But like Dee said ppl u love who go away are always there and tht connection never goes away no matter what.

Its really cool for me to think tht now its not just Amma but Jaya periamma as well who are out there looking after own guardian angels :D

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